Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lighter blogging until Tuesday

We are off to northern California today to visit Angel Linda's brother Paul and his Deb in Monte Rio for two days and then down to Santa Cruz to visit our daughter and her two little boys, including celebrating Lucas' 4th birthday.

In the process, we will discuss family history with Paul and Deb (I have researched Deb's ancestry over the past 6 months - it includes the elusive Robert Leroy Thompson family). We will also make some family history with fun times, pictures and birthday cake with the boys. Here's a picture from the last visit of the boys here in August:

I do hope to use their computers for a limited time every day to read and perhaps blog, but who knows. I am taking the laptop just so I can show all of our pictures to the family, and I have all of the documents for Deb's ancestry on the laptop.

So - blogging may be light until Tuesday. Given the choice between playing with the little ones and blogging, what would you choose?

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Janice said...


Have fun, enjoy your family. Of course the living should take precedence!!