Thursday, September 6, 2007

101 Best Genealogy Research Tips

I received a booklet titled "101 Best Genealogy Research Tips" in the mail from Moorshead Publications after I subscribed to the Internet Genealogy online magazine. There are 45 pages chock full of the tips, each with one or more paragraphs of information.

Tip #1 is "When You're Stuck, Write it Up."
Tip #2 is "Cherchez la Femme."
Tip #3 is "Widen the Search Area."

There are actually 102 tips - they wanted to give more than they promised.

The tips are not in the order of most important to least important - they seem to be fairly random in order. Some are very useful, others are not so. all in all, it's a handy, small publication to carry around, or have in your bathroom reading rack.

So how can you get this neat little book for yourself? There appears to be only one way - subscribe to one of the Moorshead Publications magazines!

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