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Letters from home - Post 13

This is the twelfth letter in the stack of Letters from Home to Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer, residing in the San Diego, California area after 1887. An explanation of the family members and situation is here.


Three letters on one set of paper, two from Della (Smith) Carringer to her husband Austin Carringer (probably at his parents home in Boulder Colorado), the second from Abby (Vaux) Smith to Austin Carringer. No envelope of letterhead.

This is the first letter from Della to Austin:

San Diego Nov 13th 1892

Dear Husband,

Well the eventfull week is past and we are left, but hope it will not be as bad as we thought it might be. I was so sorry I did not get to write in the week letter and I told you last Sunday I would write oftener. That is all we know about it. I sewed Tuesday Wed and Thur for Mrs. Shaw. A friend of hers Mrs. Lorring's sister is to be married this week Tuesday and she did not have time to finish her sewing so I took two outing flannel night dresses to make at home so we worked in their Fri and Sat forenoon then I went and give my lessons at Mrs. Bicks will deliver the dresses Monday. I got $1.00 a day at Mrs. Shaw's and we get 1.25 for the two N dresses. Baby dress 50 cts we made Monday so we have earned $4.75 and I will have to use it until you send some. I got the baby a pr of kid shoes for 50 cts at the Chicago shoe store. He thinks they are fine. I want to get a few things before the white house closes out, and would use out of our $10. If I knew you would send so I would not need it for living. I paid the rent out of what I had saved. The $10 ought to do my trading with will have to get qts tickets again in a day or two. If it will be a week or two yet before you go back why can't your father colect your wages due with an order from you and then get a check and send me first the earnings if you were there.

Lyle just woke up and I had to turn him over and rock him. His teeth bother him so this week, you ought to see him walk alone in front of the house he will not let me take his hand. Sweet little fellow. It has been warm this week as warm as when you went away. I am quite well. I think you felt it when I had my cold. My piles keep just the same and so I feel weak sometimes but I do not feel very bad and when I get a few days work away it does me good. They will have to hurry if all the building is to be of brick or the freezing will hurt the moisture won't it. Do they expect you to pay your board and wait several days at a time for the brick layers. I should not think they would.

Will send papers too, Bowers got it, you can read about the parade. I have not space as Ma's letter goes in this too. Am glad you went to see Gillpatrick. I know it must have seemed funny to have read my letter as though you were in Grand Junction. I could not go to Nat. City today as I have to go down town tomorrow.

When it is warm I feel it so I have sweat nearly all day. Was out with Lyle this A.M. I want to lie down and read a little. Hope the Journals will come tomorrow. I think of you so much and wish I could walk in Sundays at least am glad you have better food and I do hope they will shake those chicken feathers up. Am glad you feel so well. Love to Mother and Father.

From your loving wife and baby, with love and kisses. Lyle is up have just fixed his milk and kissed him for his Papa. Bye bye D.


Austin is apparently in Boulder, Colorado staying with his parents, DJ and Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer. San Diego was experiencing an economic downturn and Austin needed to work, so he went to Boulder. We are fortunate to have these letters from wife to husband. Recall from Della's Journal that she was the "banker" in the family, and we see her making money and suggesting ways for Austin to send money to her.

The "eventfull week" mentioned was the election in 1892 that resulted in Grover Cleveland's election.

She talks quite a bit about baby Lyle and his antics - Abby's letter described him even better.

It's too bad we don't have Austin's letters too!

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