Friday, February 22, 2008

Letters from home - Post 17

This is the sixteenth letter in the stack of Letters from Home to Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer, residing in the San Diego, California area after 1887. An explanation of the family members and situation is here.


Letter from D.J. Smith in McCook Neb. to his grandson Lyle Carringer in San Diego CA. No envelope.

McCook Neb., 2nd 5th 93

Dear little grandson,

Good evening, this is Sunday evening and 3 minutes past 8 and I expect you are abed and asleep, sweet dreams to you my little Gran. I am alone in my Office and did not feel like going to bed but let my man go home early as it was cold and no work today only one bug without team, one Doller. My man has a family and lives croxt the block near the stable. He has 3 little girls and the youngest one is a fatt little chub and she runs off to see Smiff and she has a little puppy that I let them take and she ses no Smiffs won't take the puppy.

Wal now, old chum, I will just tell you Bess is in her bed asleep and she is a good one to snore you bett and another thing I can tell you I have 2 white catts and they run all over my sholders and up my arms while I am riting to you and one on the paper. I keep them on the table and have a baskett for them to sleep in one is on top of my head now, and then playing with my hair. Would you like a pr Old Boy. Last Friday I was halling straw and saw a big flock of wild geese and a farmer up there told me yesterday that the flock had been here all winter. I rember of seeing a flock 20 years ago in Feb in Iowa, and your Granma saw them to. My catts are jolley felows and chases the other. It is fun to see them.

Tell your mother that I can

[Note - ends abruptly, perhaps the final pages were lost]


I doubt that Devier J. Smith has seen his grandson yet - he's in McCook, Nebraska and Lyle is in San Diego. But he writes this letter as if he's sitting right next ot him telling him stories about the dog and cats. The "Smiff" is, of course, DJ himself - the little girl calls him Smiff.

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