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Letters from home - Post 16

This is the fifteenth letter in the stack of Letters from Home to Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer, residing in the San Diego, California area after 1887. An explanation of the family members and situation is here.


Letter written by Abby (Vaux) Smith, no addressee or date, no envelope. Perhaps it was written to Austin Carringer in colorado, Lyle's father. It was probably written around late 1892 as it refers to Lyle as a baby.

Thursday, 11 A.M.

Just mailed your letter. I want to tell you about little Lyle then must go to sewing. He is asleep now. Last night when I got supper I made graham mush, we have not had any Della thinks for about a week, but I hardly think that long the little dear he seemed to know what it was and could hardly wait until supper was ready. I was so surprised how did he know what it was he flaped his hands and squealed like he does when anything pleases him. I always noticed he liked it and when we fry it for breakfast he eats so hearty of it. I tell Della he shall never go a day without it until he gets tired of it. He is tired of bread soaked in milk will spit it out as fast as he can. Will eat bread and butter, also crackers will eat oyster soup codfish gravey and beef. I do not know how much he would eat if we dare give him all he wants. Any kinds of fresh fruits sets his bowels to running off as boiled potatoes or give him baked potatoes sometimes we could aford chicken, he has never tasted one yet. We intend to get one just for him soon, a young one.

Friday, Della took Lyle up for a treatment as he got so he would throw his head back and bump it against things as though it felt bad also has quite a fever. Kept us up until 11 o'clock two nights seemed to have ear ache we thought it might be fleas biteing him and a hot cloth on his bowels they seem to trouble him a good deal. He feels better since his treatment. Olive said he needed one said his eyeteeth have started what makes him so nervous and wakeful. Della got him some kid shoes as he has outgrown these he has and the chamois wear out as fast as we can make them now almost (Mrs.. Morril made him a pr for his birthday we had them cut out).

(Saturday) Della has gone down to give Mrs. Beck and Gracie their painting lessons will stay to the parade and speaking. Well, she has come home 10 P.M. Baby and I had a big time while she was gone. I baked bread. Baked some apples and washed some, gave him a roll of newspapers to play with and he carpeted the kitchen floor with them then strew clothes pins diapers his oil stove sit near enough the edge of the table he got that and his box is half full of playthings and he pulled them all out and I just had to wade through knee deep I told him. He would not keep still another way, then after supper I put him to sleep he woke up twice once with ear ache and I had to sit and hold him. I did a two weeks ironing had just finished and looked at the watch as Della came was surprised to see it was so late. She went to Mrs. Case's to supper and they went to the Plaza together said it was all verry interesting to her as she goes and hears so few speeches. Could not endorse all that was said of course. Mrs. C is quite a Democrat.

(Sunday) Lyle had his bath this morning he does enjoy them so it feeling better his hands are feet are a little cold but has not got as much fever. Olive told Della to give him a little acconite once in awhile and she did. He walks better with shoes to strengthen his ankles went clear from the kitchen into the parlor without falling once today pushes his buggy then walks backwards and pulls it and hangs on his feet just a slideing it goes too fast for him but he hangs on until it hits against something to stop it then gathers himself up sometimes he cannot do it and he yells for help right away.

[Abruptly ends - perhaps following pages are lost]


This letter is almost all about her grandson one-year old Lyle - he's walking a bit, loves to eat graham mush, plays and makes a mess on the floor, and has earaches. Pretty typical, eh?

I wonder what kinds of "treatments" Lyle was getting? For fever, earaches, diarrhea? Sounds like he had an ear infection, doesn't it?

I haven't found the final page(s) - too bad!

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