Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Letters from home - Post 14

This is the thirteenth letter in the stack of Letters from Home to Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer, residing in the San Diego, California area after 1887. An explanation of the family members and situation is here.


Three letters on one set of paper, two from Della (Smith) Carringer to her husband Austin Carringer (probably at his parents home in Boulder Colorado), the second from Abby (Vaux) Smith to Austin Carringer. No envelope of letterhead.

This is the second letter from Della to Austin:

Wed eve,

Dear Husband, it is a little cooler last night and tonight. Do as you think best Austin and it is all right with me, but I am glad your mother does not want you to go with Ed. I could get a World's Fair ticket next spring I expect but would have to go to Chicago to have it stamped and I would not want to do that. Well a few months will tell. I hear of carpenters out of work as well as there that have just got work. So that is the way it is here. But I did not want you to feel as if you had to stay in the waiter just for the money. When your health is what we think of most. But if you are with your brother and have good work that is not as bad as you are situated now. Of course we would like you at home and would do all we could to help but you know how you feel and can judge better than we can for you. I am so glad you have gained. I know the change has done you good. But do not want you to stay a minute if you feel you could not stand the weather.

We will do the best we can untill you come either way it may be. --- Mrs. Morrill is coming over Monday to help on my red silk we are making over to pay for the work we did on her tea-gown. I am going over to their fair the 16th. I have earned a 1.00 this week and will 50 cts more tomorrow so I feel rich.

I told your Mother not to get any Christmas present for us as I thought your staying there so long was a big Christmas present. I want to send them each a ??? fraim and Ed. I have to have a pr of shoes and that with getting my dresses fixed up is enough for my Christmas present, and if we send you a small package from home you must remember you are away from home, and send us money all the time. Of course we would prefer your company to any other but will have to wait untill you come. To bad Elmer had to go before the World's Fair, but we can not be the judge. When you see them give them our sympathy in their sorrow, Good night love and kisses from your loving wife.

Lyle is in bed, he can run his tongue out farther than I. He had a big time before he went to sleep.


Della must have received a letter from Austin describing his employment options - he could stay in Boulder or go some place (perhaps Grand Junction CO) with his brother, Edgar Carringer.

Austin must have been sick in months past - health is always a big concern!

Della's thinking about Christmas coming - she is very practical, isn't she? She's pinching pennies too.

I wonder who Elmer was? A Carringer cousin, perhaps? I'll have to search for him in my database.

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