Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another WVR Survey

I get emails occasionally from www.WorldVitalRecords.com occasionally asking me to takje a survey as part of their Customer Input Panel program. I appreciate the effort on their part to survey their current and potential customers.

Here's the survey:

1) What company are you currently a member of below? (Choose all that apply)
* WorldVitalRecords.com
* Ancestry.com (my selection)
* Both
* Neither

2) Which of the following collections do you currently own on Ancestry.com?
* US (my selection)
* World

3) How long have you been a member of Ancestry.com?
* Less than one year
* 1-2 Years (my selection)
* 3-5 years
* More than 5 years

4) Have you purchased any of the other products or services offered by Ancestry .com? (Choose all that apply)
* Books (my selection)
* CDs
* Print
* Other
* None

5) Which of the following databases are/were the most useful in doing your research on Ancestry.com? (Choose all that apply)
* Family Trees (8)
* Census and Voter Lists (1)
* Birth, Marriage and Death (2)
* Immigration and Emigration (6)
* Military (5)
* Directories and Member Lists (7)
* Court, Wills, Land and Financial (10)
* Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Reference (11)
* Newspapers and Periodicals (3)
* Stories, Memories and Histories (4)
* Pictures (12)
* Maps, Atlases and Gazetteers (9)
* None of the Above
* Other (specify)

NOTE: I put them in order of importance above - the survey didn't allow that, but it should have IMHO! I selected the top 9.

Since I didn't say that I subscribed to WVR, I didn't get to answer any questions about their databases. Too bad, because I do look at them on occasion at home, and I do use their databases down at the Family History Center.

Looks like they're doing a little competitor research, doesn't it?

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