Friday, November 21, 2008

Test Drive of Family Historian 3.1 - Post 4 - Reports (Part 2)

After the announcement on last Wednesday, I downloaded the free trial copy of Family Historian 3.1 and installed it on my computer, and then loaded a 20,000 plus person GEDCOM file into it. I want to demonstrate some basic screens, charts and reports in this series of posts.

The first post in this series is here - it demonstrated the basic navigation in the program using the Records Window and the Property Dialog box. The second post is here - it demonstrated some of the charts that Family Historian 3.1 can create. The third post here displays some of the Reports created by FH3.1.

There is a Tour of Family Historian 3 at for those interested. It includes basic navigation using the Records Window and the Interactive diagrams and Smart Trees. If you are interested in this program, then you should take this Tour.

In this post, I will show several more of the reports that Family Historian 3.1 creates. The "Reports" menu item includes a number of Report types. One is for Family Group Sheet and the report produced is standard form, - the user can select what to include - sources, notes, etc., as shown below:

In the list of "Miscellaneous Reports" are Family Group Sheet (for Web or CD), Individual Census Report, Individual Record Notes, Individual Summary Report ( for Web or CD), LDS Ordinances, List Report, and Source Summary Report. The report below is the Individual Summary Report:

One of the other entries in the "Reports" menu is the "Outline Reports" with two choices "Ancestor Outline" and "Descendant Outline."

Here is the "Ancestor Outline" Report - this report uses Ahnentafel numbers to define each ancestral family (my report was 14 pages for Ancestors of Isaac Seaver):

The "Descendants Outline" Report is also standard form - with no numbers and in child order within each family:

There are more items in the "Report" menu list - "Record Detail Reports" and "Special Data Reports." The user can obtain lists of different Facts, Sources, Notes, etc. I haven't explored this very much.

My summary of the "Reports" in Family Historian 3.1 is that they are standard format, the content and appearance can be user-modified, and they create fast. The user can print them or save them to a file.

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