Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Y-DNA Results - Post 8: Uploading Data to Ysearch

My daughters gifted me a 20-marker Y-DNA test from The DNA Ancestry Project ( for Christmas. I sent it in via mail in mid-January and checked into it last week and found that my results were available on Genebase.

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In this post, I'm going to look for possible matches in the Y-DNA database at This web site is a free public service of FamilyTreeDNA.

I created a FREE user account at, and received a user account ID. Here is the opening screen (3 screens):

I added my 20 Y-DNA markers from my Genebase test into the form, then added my surname, and alternate surnames, my Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (Robert Seaver, 1608-1683), and my contact information. Before I pressed the Search button, I also uploaded a GEDCOM file of my ancestry (but not everybody in my Seaver surname databases). The family tree information looks like this (note the birth and death detail when I run the mouse over a linked name):

I clicked on the "Search for Genetic Matches" tab (in the top menu) and had to input my user ID in the box. The page said:

"This function allows you to find matches or close matches to your own results. You may utilize this function by simply entering your User ID. You will be taken to a screen allowing you to specify your search parameters, including minimum number of matching markers, maximum number of genetic distance, genetic distance per marker and region. After entering your desired parameters, the database will provide you with any matches meeting your precise specifications."

I clicked on the Search button and had to choose Search Parameters. The page said:

"We compare your genetic information to every other user in our database. We make the comparison using every marker that you and that person both tested. Here is an example: assume you ask us to show users that tested at least 21 of the markers that you did, and allow a maximum genetic distance of 1 per marker compared above 21. Anyone who tested 21 or fewer of the same markers that you did must have a genetic distance of 0 from you to be included in the results. Anyone who tested 22 of the markers that you did must have a genetic distance of 1 or less. Anyone who tested 23 must have a genetic distance of 2 or less, and so on. Alternatively you can specify a fixed maximum genetic distance. Your search results will indicate the number of markers that were included in each comparison and the genetic distance."

I chose these search parameters:

* Show users that tested at least [10] of the markers that I did.
* Allow a maximum genetic distance of [1].
* Allow a maximum genetic distance of 1 per marker compared above [8] markers.
* Do not limit search by last name.

I could have limited a search to a specific Haplogroup or geographic Region.

Here is the page before I pressed the "Search" button:

I'll stop here for now. In the next post, we'll look at the match results. is the most user-friendly and easiest site to navigate so far in this hunt for the perfect match of my 20 Y-DNA markers.

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