Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Census Whacking on St. Patrick's Day

I have exactly zero known ancestors born in Ireland. I'm quite sure that I have some unknown ancestors born in Ireland, because, after all, who doesn't? There are several promising ancestral lines that may lead me back to the Emerald Isle, but I haven't found them yet. Therefore, I can't celebrate any Irish ancestry yet.

I can, however, provide some levity on the special day when even I can wear green (if I remember to). Presenting, from the 1920 US census on www.Ancestry.com:

* Patrick Ireland resided in Matagorda County TX (born in Texas - who knew?)

* There are 87 females named Rose Ireland - many born in Ireland.

* St. Lester Patrick resided in Hillsborough county NH (born in Canada)

* Patrick Patrick resided in Macon County AL (born AL)

* Patrick Fitz Patrick resided in Queens County NY (born in Ireland)

* Paddy Green resided in Lucas County OH (born Ireland)

* Green Kelley resided in Hudson County NJ (born Ireland)

* There are 64 males named Patrick Green born in Ireland.

* Daniel Boy resided in Cuyahoga County OH (born in Russia)

* Daniel Erin Ireland resided in Wyandotte County KS (born in KS)

* Patrick Luck resided in Kings County NY (born in Ireland)

There were no people in the 1920 census with the surname of Leprechaun, but there were many with the surname Irish, Ireland, Green, Clover, etc.

Not being Irish, or having known Irish ancestry, or much experience researching in Ireland - I don't know all of the legends and songs that might provide more names to search. I considered going for city and county names - Cork, Dublin, Shannon, Limerick, etc.

Maybe my readers can provide more examples of very Irish sounding names in the census?

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Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

A fun look at the census on St. Patrick's Day, Randy. Speaking of Irish names, that is the theme for the
upcoming 13th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture
. You're ahead of the game!

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day, and don't forget to stop on over to see the
go by at Small-leaved Shamrock.

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