Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Y-DNA Results - Post 6: Uploading to DNA Ancestry

My daughters gifted me a 20-marker Y-DNA test from The DNA Ancestry Project (http://www.dnaancestryproject.com/) for Christmas. I sent it in via mail in mid-January and checked into it last week and found that my results were available on Genebase.

Posts in this series include:

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* Post 2: Reading the Markers - seeing my 20 Y-DNA markers for the first time.
* Post 3: GeneBase Family Tree I uploaded my family tree to Genebase and showed the results.
* Post 4: GeneBase Possible Matches looked for other people who might match my Y-DNA markers in the Genebase database.
* Post 5: FamilyTreeDNA Possible Matches - looking for Y-DNA matches in the FamilyTreeDNA database.

In this post, I'm going to upload my Y-DNA markers to the Ancestry DNA database. Since I have an Ancestry subscription, this was relatively easy to do. I clicked on the "DNA" tab on the www.Ancestry.com home page and this screen came up:

In the above screen, it was not obvious how to input my Y-DNA marker data from another DNA test site. I'm not sure what I clicked on (I think it was the second bullet above - Learn About Adding DNA to Your Family Tree). Whatever I clicked on, I got this screen:

I clicked on the "Other" button and hit "Continue." A screen where I could input my Haplogroup and my marker data appeared in a table, as seen below:

I entered all of my Y-DNA 20-marker data, and put in the R Haplogroup information, hit the "Submit" button, and a screen to Convert My Results appeared. Apparently, there are some differences between different test companies that require corrections in order to match up to the DNA Ancestry data accurately.

Genebase was listed, so I went back and added the corrections to my input Y-DNA markers (there were at least two, as I recall). I hit the "Submit" button again, and this information screen appeared:

The screen above told me that I needed to attach my Y-DNA results to a person in the family tree database in the Ancestry Member Trees. There was a check box for the Content Submission Agreement, and then I clicked the green "Attach" button. I had to find the person to attach the DNA results to - myself! That was easy, so I clicked on the "Attach" button again:

My Individual Page in my Member Tree came up and I scrolled down to see what had been added (two screens):

There it is, right at the bottom - DNA Test Results - Paternal Haplogroup R.

In the next post, I will try to find matches to my Y-DNA markers in the DNA Ancestry database.

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Diane said...

Only works if you are American, I pay the premium price for Ancestry and because I am not American, but Canadian Nope... DNA available. Not impressed with the latest brick wall.