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Table of Contents of Everton's Genealogical Helper - November/December 2008 Issue

I missed posting this three months ago - the November-December 2008 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper magazine (Volume 62, Issue XI). The Table of Contents includes:


page 10 - Musings and Gleanings from the World of History and Genealogy, by Richard Hooverson. Mr. Hooverson writes about “the other places” where folks arrived in New York City as well as Ellis Island, political animals, 1968, and early scrapbooking.

page 16 - The Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and the First Ladies of America, by Margaret Moen. In this election season, Margaret writes about a hereditary society directly related to presidential ancestry.

page 20 - Finding My Father, by Daniel J. Burns. Mr. Burns tells of the search for his father, and reminds us to “never believe everything you hear.”

page 24 - Be Cautious When Using Deed Indexes, by Jennifer Sheppard. Jennifer writes an interesting article about the possible pitfalls of deed index research.

page 26 - Using Research Statements, by Robert D. Hennon. The late Robert Hennon proposes a few ideas that may improve your chances of locating your ancestors.

page 32 - Dust and a Great Migration, by Richard L. Hooverson. Richard Hooverson writes about the “dust bowl” era of the 1930s, and how it caused one of the largest migrations in American history.

page 38 - The 2008 American Community Survey: A Pre-2010 Census, by Donna Potter Phillips. Donna tells us about a survey taken of some households in 2008, a survey that acts as a pre-2010 census.

page 42 - Canada Remembers the Arrival of American Loyalists in 1783, by Elizabeth Lapointe. Elizabeth writes of the 1783 arrival of loyalists to Canada, and the 225th anniversary celebrations going on now.


page 7 - Editorial

page 8 - Our Readers Write

page 48 - Scandinavian Research: Scandinavia—Questions & Answers, — Ruth Ellen Maness, AG®

page 52 - Germanic Research: Reading Old German Church Records, Part III: Seelenbuch & Familienbuch, — Kathy J. Stickney

page 58 - Relatively Speaking: Music Through the Generations — Brookelea Lutton Fermazin; — Nancy Fermazin

page 62 - Breaking Through: Fred Eggert Drowned Crossing the Mississippi River — Boyd Leuenberger

page 68 - Beginner’s Corner: Military Records & Information in Prologue Magazine, — Donna Potter Phillips

page 70 - Special Collections Highlight: The Bess Britton Michigan One-Room
Schoolhouse Collection

page 72 - The Next Generation: Join a Lineage Society, — Starr Campbell

page 76 - News to Peruse: News briefs for genealogists.

page 82 - Making a Difference: DMT – A Short-Run Publisher Specializing
in Genealogy

page 84 - Computer Helper: CD-ROM Reviews — Leland K. Meitzler

page 97 - Net Family History:
* The Best British Commonwealth Sites on the Net — Jeffrey A. Bockman
* Your Tree—Plant It, Water It, and Watch It Grow! — Keith Alan McCarty, Jr

page 122 - On the Bookshelf

page 144 - Bureau of Missing Ancestors

page 152 - On the Horizon

page 160 - Marketplace

page 168 - Surname Index

page 174 - Advertiser Index

You can purchase the digital edition of Everton's Genealogical Helper here.

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