Monday, March 16, 2009

Genea-Musings off to Santa Cruz for Grandpa fun!

Grandpa has been summoned to the Santa Cruz mountains for his quarterly dose of grandson fun - baseball, swimming, chasing, walking, climbing, reading, talking, and just playing with Lucas (age 5.5) and Logan (age 3.1).

I might have free time to read email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and news, or even write a blog post, but then I might be so tired out from all of the fun that I might not! Never fear, though - your daily dose of Genea-Musings will continue - I worked hard over the weekend to make sure that your reader will fill up with semi-useful posts about genealogy.

The return is scheduled for Friday afternoon, so I should be back in action on Friday night, just in time to go to the CGSSD meeting on Saturday morning (see, there's method in my madness!).

What I am very sure about is that something real important to the genealogy world will happen while I'm gone. I look forward to hearing about it after the fact.

I'm taking my digital audio recorder and may try to interview Lucas to see what he knows about family history and what he has to say about his current life in the redwoods. Heh heh. I'm always trying to make family history!

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