Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Genealogy-Related Bumper Stickers

We had a great response to the last Saturday Night Genealogy Fun topic - Create a Bumper Sticker. Here is a summary of the creations by genea-bloggers and readers:

* Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Create a Bumper Sticker by Randy Seaver. This post has some bumper stickers suggested by readers rehiman, Jean Hibben, Happy Dae, Russ and Jane.

* Slap This On My Bumper by footnoteMaven. Extra credit! Check out this graphic.

* Saturday Night Fun - Create a Bumper Sticker by JamaGenie.

* Bumper Stickers for Genealogists by Mark Tucker. I "stepped on" Mark's idea without knowing it...sorry, Mark!


* Genealogy Obsession Bumper Sticker by John Newmark. Extra credit!

* Saturday Night Fun: Bumper Stickers by Colleen McHugh. Extra credit!

* Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Genealogy Bumper Stickers by Chris Staats. Extra credit!

* Genealogy Bumper Stickers by Melody Lassalle .

* Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Create A Bumper Sticker by Valerie C. Extra credit!

* Genealogy Banner for Saturday Night Fun by Tina Sansome. Extra credit!

* Randy's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Create a Bumper Sticker by Greta Koehl

* Here's My Sign, Oops, I Mean My Bumper Sticker! by Caroline M. Pointer. Extra credit! Nice graphics.

* My Genealogy Bumper Stickers by Thomas MacEntee.

* My Genealogy Bumper Stickers ~ Saturday Night Fun by Linda Stienstra.

* CherryTeaTime posted two stickers on Twitter.

* Kelly Holderbaum posted one bumper sticker on Facebook as a comment to my Status.

* Terry Thornton emailed me two bumper stickers. Extra credit!

If I missed someone, please let me know in a comment to this post and I will add you to the list.

My thanks to Valerie for posting the link to Redkid.net where you can make your own bumper sticker.

Well done, everyone! Which one do you like the most?

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Colleen said...

This was great fun Randy. But I want my extra credit! ;) Seriously, thanks for all you do to keep us amused and well-informed.