Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reading "The American Genealogist" issues on

The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) recently announced that they were digitizing and indexing images of The American Genealogist (TAG) periodical and placing them on the NEHGS web site at The first five years, Volumes 9 to 13 (yewars 1932 to 1936) are currently available. Note: you must be an NEHGS member to access their databases.

I posted yesterday about the revamped NEHGS home page at The TAG page has the TAG index for the five volumes on the right sidebar - here is a link to a PDF of the index. Here is a screen shot of two of the pages from the index for Volume 12:

I was interested in the Goodrich article on page 44 of Volume 12. I noted the volume and page number, and went to the search box on the main TAG page and entered the Volume = 12 and Page = 44 in the appropriate fields, and clicked on Go (you have to click on the Go button):

The Goodrich article extends to the next page, so I clicked on the right carat (>) button to go to the next page:

Page 45 is the end of the article. How do I advance to the first page of the issue? I could put Page = 1 in the field at the bottom of the screen. If I wanted to go back to the index, I could go to the top of the page and click on the Index link.

At the bottom of each page there are also links for "Back to Last Master Search Results" page, "Back to Search Results page," and "New Search" as seen below:

There is an index for the TAG issues, and a Search for a surname results in a list of given and surnames, the publication year, volume and page number. Clicking on the linked person's name will take you to the page with the person.

Because of the limited number of volumes currently available online, I found that it was easier to browse the TAG Index PDF to find interesting articles than to do a search for a surname. I really appreciate having both options to find articles of interest and to navigate within the database.

Can I print out the article pages? There are no "Print" buttons on the web pages. If I go to "File > Print Preview" on my browser then I see this:

I can then use the Print icon to print this page out. I could also do a "File > Save" and save the page to my computer file folders. I could also do a "Print Screen" and save the text only as an image (which I could then crop to save just the text. I could OCR the image then to capture the text if I wanted to. It's almost easier to transcribe the text!

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