Sunday, May 24, 2009

Watch the WorldHistory demo videos

I posted my First Look at on Saturday morning. I knew that I had seen some videos of how was going to work, but couldn't find them on my blog archives or on my Favorites list.

It turned out that I was looking in the wrong place - I found the link. It is The site introduction says:

"Below are videos that demo some the features that will be found on We will be offering Interactive Maps, Timelines, Videos, Geocoded Photos, Museum Artifacts, and Genealogical tools to help you discover history. We connect the dots of history, we connect you to history. We want to compile the entire history of the world on one fun and interactive website. Multiple sources, partners, and YOU provide the content, history provides the story."

There are three short videos (3 to 4 minutes each) on this site for:

* The History Map

* How Content Works

* Your Ancestors

Take a look at these videos when you have a chance. They will provide a much more thorough "tour" of than my screen shots will.

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kristen kuhns said...

This is very interesting - thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention.