Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family Tree Magazine sizes up the Genealogy Market

The Family Tree Magazine folks have put together a 2010 Family Tree Magazine Genealogy Media Planner (warning, a 4 megabyte PDF download) which includes a summary of the genealogy market, the Family Tree Magazine audience, the 2010 Editorial Content and Calendars, Advertising Information, and Staff Contacts.

The genealogy market information was especially interesting to me, including these facts:

* 500,000 genealogists belong to more than 500 Federation of Genealogical Societies member groups.

* 651,500 people have taken a genetic genealogy test.

* 1,900 people visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City every day.

* 1 million+ people visit the National Archives annually.

* The National Archives and its regional research facilities receive 1.1 million written research requests a year.

* 9.1 million US web visitors use genealogy websites each month.

* Family Tree Magazine has a 70,000 person paid print circulation.

There is much more interesting information in the 42-page PDF file. Read it all!

Hat tip to Thomas MacEntee for pointing me to the PDF file.

Any reader comments on these statistics, or any others in the Media Planner?


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks for the hat tip Randy. It is also interesting to compare it to the Family Tree Magazine Media Kit for 2009 (http://familytreemagazine.com/upload/images/PDF/FT_MediaKit_2009.pdf) - another large 4MM file.

Lynn Palermo said...

Thank you Randy and Thomas, some very interesting and useful information.

xlpharmacy said...

I did not know that 651,500 people have taken a genetic genealogy test. I think that this is really interesting...!!

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