Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Matrilineal Line

Hey genealogy buffs - it's Saturday Night again -- time for more Genealogy Fun!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Note or status line on Facebook.

Here's mine:

My matrilineal line is:

a) Randall J. Seaver
b) Betty Virginia Carringer (1919 San Diego CA - 2002 San Diego CA) married Frederick W. Seaver
c) Emily Kemp Auble (1899 Chicago IL -1977 San Diego CA) married Lyle L. Carringer
d) Georgianna Kemp (1868 Norfolk County, ON - 1952 San Diego CA) married Charles Auble
e) Mary Jane Sovereen (1840 Norfolk Co ON - 1874 Norfolk Co ON) married James Abram Kemp
f) Eliza Putman (1820 Steuben Co NY - 1895 Norfolk Co ON) married Alexander Sovereen
g) Sarah Martin (1792 NJ - 1860 Norfolk Co ON) married John Putman
h) Betsey Rolfe (1766 NJ - ????) married Mulford Martin
i) Sarah Campbell (1746 NJ? -1838 Tompkins Co NY) married Ephraim Rolfe
j) FNU LNU married Robert Campbell (?)

I have had my mitochondrial DNA tested, and I am in Haplogroup K. I reported on it in My mtDNA is in the K Haplogroup, Working with my mtDNA Results - Post 1 and Working with my mtDNA Results - Post 2. There were two exact matches in the GeneTree database, but their end-of-line surnames don't match mine. It appears that mine may be Scottish or Irish, though!

On my Seaver side, the matrilineal line of my father is:

a) Frederick W. Seaver (1911 Fitchburg MA - 1983 San Diego CA)
b) Alma Bessie Richmond (1882 Killingly CT - 1962 Leominster MA) married Frederick W. Seaver
c) Julia White (1848 Killingly CT - 1913 Putnam CT) married Thomas Richmond
d) Amy Frances Oatley (1826 S. Kingstown RI - bef. 1870, Killingly CT) married Henry A. White
e) Amy Champlin (1797 S. Kingstown RI - 1865 Killingly CT) married Jonathan Oatley
f) Nancy Kenyon (ca 1765 RI - bef. 1850 S. Kingstown RI) married Joseph Champlin
g) Anna --?-- (perhaps Kenyon) (ca 1740 RI? - ???) married John Kenyon

To my knowledge, none of my female-line cousins have had their mitochondrial DNA tested. That's another thing for my to-do list, I guess!


Miz J said...

a)Pamela Jean Johnson
b)Sharon Kay Sanders, (1943 Illiopolis IL - ) married Ronald Owen Johnson
c)Helen Viola Cox (1903 Salisbury IL - 1969 Bloomington IL) married Edwin Olen Sanders
d)Mary Mahale Schumacher (1864 Gardner IL - 1937 Jacksonville IL) married Franklin C Cox
e)Amelia H Roll (1838 Gardner IL - 1878 Gardner IL) married Henry Charles Schumacher
f)Rachel Carman (1814 PA? - 1841 Gardner IL) married Pierson Roll
g) Mahala E Golden (abt 1785 Dutchess County NY - bef 1845 Sangamon County IL)married Jacob Carman

Rachel Carman used Abraham Lincoln as her divorce attorney to divorce her first husband, Jacob E. Roll (a cousin of her second husband, Pierson Roll), on the grounds of a abandonment.

Martin said...

My umbilical line is always posted on a "page" at my blog. It also contains my MtDNA--Haplogroup U5.
I first published my line in 1998 in the NEHGS Nexus as part of the 100th anniversary of letting women join the NEHGS. See: .

Chris Staats said...

Thanks, Randy!
Posted my Matrilineal Chart at my blog. (From present to past) Johns>Snyder>McGinnis>Ruffner>Best>Sumney - all from the same general area of western PA with the exception of my mom.

Missy/Bayside Research said...

Posted mine here:

Anonymous said...

I accepted the mission and here's my post

Greta Koehl said...

Mine is at I couldn't remember exactly how it went after about 5 generations, so I had to check my scribbled notes.

GeneaDiva said...

Hi Randy,

Thanks for a fun and easy Mother's Day Saturday Night suggestion.

I posted mine at

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Been there done that, with pictures and thoughts on who else shares My mtDNA

Jean said...

My matrilineal line is:

a) Jean
b) Virginia Bell Lyle (1910 Gallia Co, OH - 1992 Eddy Co, NM) married James E. McClintock
c) Bessie Grace Bell (1882 Gallia Co, OH - 1968 Medina Co, OH) married Oliver G. Lyle
d) Effie Irion (1860 Gallia Co, OH - 1948 Gallia Co, OH) married William W. Bell
e) Mariah Louisa Poole (1839 Delaware Co, OH - 1924 Gallia Co, OH) married John T. Irion
f) Sarah Alexander (1810 Ohio - 1881 Gallia Co, OH) married George Poole
g) Nancy Brothers (ca 1778 N. Ireland - reportedly 1828) married James Alexander

I have not had my mtDNA tested, but I'd really like to get my brother tested for y-DNA at the same time.

Kelly said...

Here is my response!

Pamela Storm said...

Good idea! Thanks Randy!

Matter of fact, I posted some of their photos today:!/album.php?aid=105477&id=1428956893

My matrilineal line:

a) Pamela Marie STORM
b) Judith Anne MION (1939 San Francisco CA - 2007 San Francisco, CA) married Neale Garrett STORM
c) Myrtle Caroline SEIELSTAD (1918 Los Angeles, CA - 1995 San Joaquin Co, CA) married Alberto Giovanni MION
d)Pearl Margaret WISE (1888 San Diego, CA - 1969 Salt Lake City, UT), married Melvin Albinius SEIELSTAD
e) Mary Ellen "Nellie" COOKE (1866 Chicago, IL - 1941 Napa Co, CA) married Frank Howard WISE
f) Mary Josephine O'LEARY (1843 Ireland - 1922 Los Angeles, CA) married Bartholomew John COOKE

My father's matrilinial line:
a) Neale Garrett WOLFE (1937 Orange, CA - living)
b) Marion Dorothy WOLFE (1912 Los Angeles, CA - 1992 Long Beach, CA) married Clyde Ernest STORM
c) Avis NEALE (1891 Oakland, CA - 1978 Santa Ana, CA) married James Andrew WOLFE
d) Ellen Louise "Nellie" RICH (1859 Mayfield, CA - 1943 Los Angeles, CA) married Charles Langdon NEALE
e) Ellen BLESSINGTON (1824 - 1912 San Francisco, CA) married Amory Gale RICH
f) Ellen MURPHY (1780 County Longford, Ireland - 1840 VT) married Charles BLESSINGTON.

Joan Miller said...

Mine is posted here:

Thanks for the SNGF :)

Joan Miller

Sheri Fenley said...

Yeah finally a task for SNGF that I can do! LOL

I did both maternal and paternal sides, I had my mtDNA haplogroup so I posted it and have a 6 generations photo for both maternal and paternal sides.

Neener - neener - neener

Sheri Fenley said...

Oops, I neener-ed too soon. I forgot the link to the blog post! LOL

Bill West said...

Mine's at

Unknown said...

Randy, thanks for this great post. As I got to looking at things, I found a new angle on an 1850 census record (and found the record!). This may have opened up my matrilineal line. Thanks! I wrote about my experience on my GenealogyMedia blog.

kinfolknews said...

Here's mine:

Thanks for the fun!

of kinfolknews

Jennifer said...

I posted mine!


my Heritage Happens said...

Mine is posted at Heritage Happens ~

Glad I was able to join in this week, thanks Randy!

Kim said...

I posted my maternal line on my blog at


Eileen said...

My matrilineal line is:
a) Eileen Souza nee Furlani
b) Marguerite Noble (1918 Ranshaw PA - 1985 Prospect Park PA) married William C. Furlani
c) Lorraine [Eileen] Gunther (1897 Ranshaw PA - 1977 Feasterville PA) married William J. Noble
d} Mary Eva Meisberger (1861 Ranshaw PA - 1941 Ranshaw PA) married Andrew Gunther
e} Mary Catherine Strausser (1842 PA - 1897 Ranshaw PA) married Theobald Meisberger
f} Sarah Mumma (1819 PA - 1891 Ranshaw PA) married Peter Strausser
I have had my mitochondrial DNA tested and I am in Haplogroup T. I've been contacted by several exact matches but no match in surnames yet.

Steve Hayes said...

We've posted ours at Hayes-Greene Family History

gsgenealogy said...
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nuccia said...

Posted mine here:

Fax said...

My FGS haplogroup is H3c; my line starting with my mother is:
Anna Maria Quint m. 25 Aug 1661 Oppenheim, Pfalz Johann Wilhelm Steinkopf
Palatine Emigrant: Gertraud Steinkopf b c 1680 Oppenheim, Pfalz m Niclaus Rauch (Hunter List #583)
Catharina Elisabeth Rau b 2 Jan 1697 Oppenheim, Pfalz m Johann Philip Feller
Gertraud Feller b 21 Dec 1720 Rhinebeck, NY m Johann Adam Schaffer
Catherina Schaffer b 17 Oct 1736 Kingston, NY m Eberhardt Wager
Catharina Wager b 27 Jul 1769 m David Schryver
Evina Schryver b 17 Dec 1804 Rhinebeck, NY m Noel LaBonte
Minerva L. LaBonte b 2 Sep 1849 Rhinebeck, NY m Renselaer Case Worden
Evina Worden b 6 Aug 1867 Rhinebeck, NY m John Franklin Tipple
Anna Edna Tipple b 21 Feb 1889 Rhinebeck, NY m Jonas Gilbert Coon
Isabel Coon b 3 Feb 1910 Hyde Park, NY m Theodore John Muller

So far, I have few matches to HVR 1 and 2 and none to FGS.

Linda McCauley said...

Better late than never. My list is posted at