Thursday, May 6, 2010

Randy's NGS 2010 Conference Photos - Post 3

I have been posting photographs taken at the NGS 2010 Conference in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, I took relatively few photos, so I don't have much to show my faithful readers. Here are some "crowd shots" rather than "people shots":

1) was a major presence at this conference, with at least three exhibit areas, two of them in the GenTech zone. The one in the general exhibit area looked like this as you entered the Exhibit Hall:

On the left is a small seating area with a large screen where Ancestry employees gave short presentations about products. In the background, behind the partition, was an area with about ten computers where persons could search's databases and ask questions. There were always several employees available to help researchers. Duff Wilson manned a Family Tree Maker 2010 table in one corner of the exhibit.

2) had perhaps the largest display area in the Exhibit Hall. They had many computers and many employees available to help researchers. gave away free green T-shirts that said "Branch Out" (on the table in the foreground) but I didn't see many people wearing one in the crowds. I got one!

3) Adjacent to both the GenTech Zone and the lunch room was the computer bank set up by FamilySearch to help researchers use the Internet for free - to search FamilySearch, Ancestry, or, in my case, email, blogging and Twitter! The computer bank was between two large areas with stages for speakers and large screens and perhaps 100 seats for an audience to hear the speaker (or perhaps rest their feet or take a nap). This picture below shows some of the computer bank and one of the stage/screen/seats area:

The computer area was very well used, especially during the 30 minute breaks between the speaker presentations. Unfortunately, the 20-minute speaker segments on the two stages were not well attended.

4. One of the busiest vendors seemed to be the Fun Stuff for Genealogists exhibit, shown below:

5) had a fairly large exhibit area that was always busy. Dick Eastman had a table in this display:

6) When you first walked into the Exhibit Hall, you couldn't miss the National Genealogical Society display - there were many society leaders and members to talk to and help visitors:

That's almost all of the pictures that I have that are fit to print. Please see other genea-bloggers who have posted pictures - I don't have a complete list, nor the time to compile one. There were at least 40 genea-bloggers at this conference.

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Jennifer said...

It's nice to see some pictures from the conference. I haven't made it to one yet, but I'm planning on next year!