Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Randy's NGS Conference Photos - Post 2

I took some photographs, but not very many, at the NGS Conference last week in Salt Lake City. Here are some of my favorite genealogy people:

1) Tom Kemp visited Leland Meitzler (Family Roots Publishing) at the same time I did, so I snapped their photograph together:

That's Patty Meitzler working hard on the left of the photo while the three guys talked about genealogy. Leland said they had a lot of business at this conference - that's good for him, his business and all of genealogy.

2) At the Family Tree Magazine exhibit, I managed to catch Diane Haddad and Allison Stacy in a quiet moment:

3) In the GenTech Zone, Sebastian Hue and Daniel Horowitz entertained me for about 30 minutes (they showed me the new software and website features) at the MyHeritage exhibit:

4) Megan Smolenyak did a Who Do You Think You Are? book signing on Friday in the NYGBS exhibit:

5) The Generations Map exhibit was buzzing all conference long - I caught up with Janet Hovorka in a quiet moment:

I don't have many more photographs of the exhibits and mat post some crowd shots next time.

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Daniel Horowitz said...

Hi Randy,

Nice picture, we are glad you enjoyed.
See you soon in San Diego: June 19 at the Computer Genealogical Society San Diego, and the 20 at the Jewish Genealogy Society

Daniel Horowitz