Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Changes Genea-Blog Compendium

There has been a wealth of user feelings expressed about's changes to their Free and Pro accounts.  I've been trying to capture them, so that readers can try to understand what happened and how the changes affect users.

Here is the current list of genealogy blogs addressing the changes (in approximate order of first writing):

1) The Geni Blog:

Geni Pro Just Got a Whole Lot Better (11 August 2011, over 500 comments)
A Message From Geni’s CEO (17 August 2011, comments open)

2) Modern Software Experience (Tamura Jones):

*  Geni Changes (13 August 2011)
Geni Stats Down (23 August 2011)
3)  Genea-Musings (Randy Seaver):

"Geni Pro Just got a Whole Lot Better." But what about Geni Free? (15 August 2011)

4)  DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog (DearMYRTLE): didn't ask my opinion (15 August 2011)
Official Response from (17 August 2011)

5)  Genealogy Insider (Diane Haddad):

Geni Draws Fire For New User Permissions (15 August 2011)

6)  Little Bytes of Life (Elizabeth O'Neal):

*    Dear Geni: It's Not Me, It's You (15 August 2011)
Geni: On the Fence (17 August 2011)

7)  The We Tree Genealogy Blog (Amy Coffin):

*   Where Keggers and Social Genealogy Intersect (16 August 2011)
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (17 August 2011)

 8)  Geneabloggers (Thomas MacEntee):

*    Geni: Stuck on Stupid  (16 August 2011)
Was I Too Rough on Geni? (17 August 2011)

9)  Ancestors Live Here (Leslie Ann):

*    Geni. - OH NO YOU DIDN'T! (16 August 2011)

10)  Scottish GENES (Chris Paton):

*   Anger at (17 August 2011)

11) Genealogy by Ginger's Blog (Finger R. Smith): - It's not Just Me After all (17 August 2011)

12)  Clue Wagon (Kerry Scott):

In Which I Say “Geni” And “Crap,” But Not In The Way You Think (17 August 2011)

13)  Are My Roots Showing? (Jenny Lanctot):

You could've at least taken me to dinner first ... (17 August 2011)

14)  Karen About Genealogy (Karen Packard Rhodes):

The Geni Flap has Old Roots (18 August 2011)

Many of these posts have additional comments by readers, some of them are lengthy and full of information.

If you wrote a post about changes, and it's not listed above, please contact me in comments or email (

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