Monday, August 15, 2011

Google Plus Webinar is Available

Today's Legacy Family Tree webinar on Google Plus - titled "Google + - The Next Big Thing" is now available to view, for FREE, on this site:​ars/2011-08-15-googlep/2011-08-15-googlep.html

The guests on this webinar were:

*  Paul Allen of, who spoke about the website Google Plus ( - how it started, how it's grown, etc.

*  Dan Lynch (author of the book Google Your Family Tree), who spoke about and demonstrated how to use Google Plus.

*  Mark Olsen of, who spoke on and demonstrated how to participate in a Google Hangout - a video chat room.

My name came up on Dan Lynch's screen, showing one of my G+ Stream posts along with Dan's:

My Chula Vista Genealogical Society colleague, Susi Pentico, has been very active with Mark on Google Hangouts, and is shown below in a screen capture:

Noted genealogy blogger, Lorine McGinnis Schulze, was on the Google Hangout also, here's a screen shot of Lorine:

I thought that this webinar was very well done.  Paul's and Dan's presentation was in the traditional webinar form - slides with a voice over.  Mark's was done live with actual participants on the Hangout shown, while Mark spoke over them - that was risky from a technical standpoint, but it worked really well. 

If you have two hours, go check out this webinar at​ars/2011-08-15-googlep/2011-08-15-googlep.html.  It will be available for free until at least August 25th.  You can purchase a CD of the webinar for $9.95 from the Legacy Family Tree Store here.

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seo north east said...

I agree on the premise. Google plus is the next big thing. Back then, plus generated a lot of buzz worldwide and months after launch, plus is going strong due to the google app engine.