Sunday, August 14, 2011

BBC Executive Producer Discusses WDYTYA? series details

John Gasson, on his The Wandering Genealogist blog, links to a BBC TV blog titled "Who Do You Think You Are: Researching celebrities' family histories" by Tom McDonald, Executive Producer of the popular Who Do You Think You Are? television show in the United Kingdom. 

This is an interesting viewpoint and summary of how long it takes to put the 10-episode series together, along with some details of some of the persons researched.

Check out the comments too - many from viewers who like and disliked the first episode.

I watched several of the BBC episodes from 2009 in March 2010 on the Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.  They are extrmely well done, and longer than the USA shows because they are commercial free.

How long will it be before the genealogy community has a blog dedicated to the USA version of Who Do You Think You Are?  Or maybe there is one, and I don't know about it? 

Thank you, John, for the link!

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