Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Memorable geneology moments on Twitter

I've been missing all day today because of family history making events - my daughter and grandsons are here for the week and we've been doing all of the "tourista"things. 

Therefore, a quick and dirty post at what people are saying on Twitter about genealo, er, geneology.  Enjoy.  Or not.  Your choice.  I do recommend that you NOT click on the links involved.

spooky  Psychic Reading. Ask about Your Ancestry Geneology Home

Business Opportunity  Want to join a team that is a real team? We help one another in a permanent geneology. Multiple steams of income.

Heritage Happens  [HH] Sorry...Trying this again...Adventures of a New URL

Traci Jennings  Family isn't defined by geneology...but by loyalty

Guy C  Genesis chapter 11 verse 10, Explains the geneology of Chem. Chem was a black man in Africa, If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya

Ms Praxis  They should do geneology - I'm sure they're related to the Palins.

George P.  Are all countries obsessed with geneology? Do the irish say they're like half english? Or chinese say they are 1/60th something?

TracyLynne  U have got to be related to Dolly Pardon, do your geneology chart, the resemb and body shape looks like you could be her dau

lynsey turner  Doing the geneology of my family is fooking confusing

Bob Courchaine  talk w/ the sibs this week. a cuz of my dad did the homework. i'm a descendant of ! i must be a duke or something.

I resisted the urge to comment on most of these...they speak for themselves.  That wasn't all of them, either - only a select few!  Now I'm wondering how many of these are my Twitter followers?  Or that I follow. 

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Root Digger said...

I was curious, so I actually clicked on some of the links...Too funny, and some.