Thursday, August 11, 2011

More WikiTree Widgets available

I posted Check Out my Wikid at WikiTree! back in June, and WikiTree creator has added many more widgets since then.  These widgets can be embedded in web pages or files that use HTML.  The list includes these styles:

  1. Three-generation color tree widget (496 pixels wide by 495 pixels high)
  2. Three-generation black and white tree widget (496 pixels wide by 495 pixels high)
  3. Three-generation pedigree-style widget (400 by 804)
  4. Four-generation pedigree-style (500 by 820)
  5. Four-generation pedigree-style with locations (500 by 850)
  6. Barebones four-generation with no photos, etc. (420 by 420)
  7. Ten-generation paternal line (450 by 200)
  8. Ten-generation maternal line (450 by 200)
  9. Tree for an American immigrant family, with Ellis Island in the background (496 by 510 for this and all the following)
  10. Tree for a New York family
  11. Tree for a Chicago family
  12. Tree for a Massachusetts family
  13. Tree for a Nova Scotia family
  14. Tree for an Irish family
  15. Tree for an English, French, or Northern-European family
  16. Tree for an Italian or Southern-European family
  17. Tree for the World War 2 generation
1)  Here is an example of the Tree for a Massachusetts family:

2)  An example for a Four Generation Pedigree Chart with Locations:

Oops, looks like it ran out of space for the persons 7, 14, and 15.

3)  Here is a 10-generation maternal line:

updated live from WikiTree

These widgets are really pretty cool - and bloggers or website creators can add them easily.  You can add them to a book or family newsletter by snipping the image and saving it as a separate file. 

In order to create them, you do have to have a tree on WikiTree!

Thanks, Chris!

NOTE:  The widgets show up on the web page, but not in Google Reader.  If you lcick the links for each widget in the list above, the page takes awhile to load.


Patti Hobbs said...

Very neat, Randy. I just did a program for our genealogical society showing three ways to put your genealogy online. One was using WikiTree, one using your software program to create web pages, and using The Next Generation (which is what I use.) As much as I love TNG, I am really quite attracted to the WikiTree. If I weren't such a control freak about *my* genealogy and my images, etc., I'd use WikiTree. And sheesh with neat widgets like this, I really could use both.

Root Digger said...

This is very cool Randy. I would really like to know how to do this...

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

That is very neat!! Your Mom is really pretty, Randy!!

Anonymous said...

I notice they all start with you - the "home" person. I wonder... can one create a pedigree chart starting with anyone in your tree? Now that would be cool! Imagine... one could put their whole pedigree on a blog simply by starting with a 4-gen pedigree, and then adding connecting links to each following 4-gen pedigree!

Chris Whitten said...

Thanks for posting this Randy!

Patti, if there are ever any questions about WikiTree I can answer for you, let me know (chris -at- We'd love to have you in the community.

Anonymous, the answer is yes! We actually made it really easy last week by adding a little icon to all public profiles. (Randy, for one, loves all our little icons.) Go to any profile and click on the icon that looks like a green pedigree chart inside an orange box.

Chris Whitten said...

Oh, Yvette, do let me know if you need more explanation on how to use the widgets.