Monday, October 31, 2011

Hallowe'en Names in the WorldConnect Database

I updated my Hallowe'en Name Whacking post from last year:

There are a number of families in the Rootsweb WorldConnect database at  that have surnames connected to Hallowe'en. For instance:

1) The GHOST surname - there are 532 entries, including the descendants of Philip Ghost of Westmoreland County PA - see 6 generations here. It looks like at least one GHOST from this family is still living.

2) The GOBLIN surname - there are 46 entries. It looks like there are no real GOBLIN family trees - only isolated GOBLIN women who married men with other surnames.

3) The SKELETON surname - there are 427 entries but few trees with many generations. Methinks these are mostly misspelled SKELTON people (64,728).

4) The FRANKENSTEIN surname - There are 1,211 entries, and most of them are of German origin. One family that settled in Rochester NY is here. There is one Frank N. Stein here.

5) The WITCH surname - there are 136 entries, but no long family lines in the database. Some of these are those accused of witchcraft.

6) The PUMPKIN surname - there are 67 entries, but no long family lines.  There are 327 entries for a given name of PUMPKIN. 

7) The HAUNT surname - there are only 5 entries, none with a family line.  There is one person with the first name of HAUNT.

8) The SPOOK surname - there are 27 entries, and only one with a three generation family. There are 40 entries for people with a given name of Spook and 25 for the first name of Spooky.

9) The GHOUL surname - there are 47 entries.

10) The JACKO surname has 320 entries.

11) The LANTERN surname has 292 entries. But there are no people named Jack O. Lantern. 

12) There are 248 CAT surname entries and 11,075 CATT entries. There are no Black Cat names.

13) There are 19 SCARY surname entries - many of them still living. There are 81 entries for a given name of Scary.

14) There are 53 DRACULA surname entries, many of them are related to The Count. There are 42 entries for a given name of DRACULA.

15) There are 535 CEMETERY entries, some of them the name of actual cemetery databases.

16)  There are 3,929 GRAVE surname entries, and 300,561 GRAVES surname entries. 

17)  There are 142,513 entries for the surname COFFIN. 

18) There are 2,042 MONSTER entries. No Monster Mash, though (there are 2,944 surname entries for MASH). There are no "Boris Pickett" persons, but there are 10 entries for BOBBY PICKETT.

19) There are 864 SKULL surname entries.

20) There are 99 SPIRIT entries. There are 8 entries for a Holy Spirit with a spouse named Mary, with a child.

21) There are 3 entries for "Spider WEBB"

22) There are 208 entries for SCREECH surname. And 41 entries for a given name or nickname of Screech.

23) There are 5 entries for HALLOWEEN surname - even a Mary Halloween.

24) There are no VAMPIRE surname entries, and 1 given name entry.

25) There are 17,860 BROOM surname entries.

26) There are 150 BAT surname entries, 16,040 BATT surname entries and 10,207 BATTY surname entries.  There are 692 entries for BATTY as a given name.

27) There are no ZOMBIE surname entries or given name entries. Whew!

28)  There are 50,840 entries for the surname BLOOD.

29)  The surname DEATH has 10,797 entries.

Enough!! What other Hallowe'en oriented surnames can you think of? Are they in WorldConnect?

Happy Hallowe'en!! Trick or Treat?

Yep - TRICK surname has 3,958 surname entries and TREAT surname has 59,162 entries! published a press release back in 2006 with Hallowe'en census entries - see the list here.

John D. Reid posted some Hallowe'en names and occupations  in Halloween fun from in 2009.

Craig Manson posted Halloween Census Whacking in 2009 for some of the names above.

Chris Dunham did some Census Whacking on Hallowe'en names in Censuswhacking for Halloween in 2005.

Did I miss a post on Hallowe'en names?  If so, please tell me and I'll add it to my list.


bgwiehle said...

WorldConnect counts, in no particular order:
74 Warlock but 0 Medium
0 Allsaint(s) but the French & German versions are there: 7158 Toussaint & 113 Allerheiligen
2 Werewolf, but 156623 Wolf, 35791 Wolff
597 Transylvania (mostly as part of titles)
3 Bram Stoker (2 seem to refer to the author of Dracula, but none have the parents given in the Wikipedia article)
1 Costume but 0 Disguise
67 Nessie (since we've included other mythological beasties) and 1 Yeti (with first name Yentl!)
1093 Surprise
7640 Fear
4 Horror (all 'Living')

Susan S. Frederick said...

Many, many "Boo"s on