Monday, February 18, 2013

What are the Must-Have Resources for Genealogists?

I received an email notification yesterday that Genea-Musings was on the list of the 88 Must Have Resources for the Online Genealogist created on the website.    

I am honored to have Genea-Musings on the genealogy blog list (although I wish they had mentioned my name!).  The list has categories of:

1)  Free Resources

**  Database Searches
**  Genealogy blogs
**  Handy Tools
**  Helpful Guides
**  Unique Resources

2)  Paid Services

**  Genealogy software
**  Subscription services
**  One-time fee services
**  Consultant services
**  Unique services

Check out the list - there may be resources that you have not considered previously.

I was surprised by some of the genealogy blogs, free websites and paid services included, and surprised that some of the very best sites, in my opinion, were not included.

What other free resources or paid services would you consider to be "Must-Have?"  What would you have left off the list?

By the way, I tried the Search field, and it didn't work.  I wonder why?

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Thomas MacEntee said...


I too received a "pitch" about this accolade from FreePeopleSearch dot org but once I reviewed the site and determined that they did not provide enough information about their service, I declined the honor and didn't acknowledge their email.

Just like the dubious awards handed out to genealogy bloggers from several "online school" websites a few months ago, this is a ploy: to help build page rank and improve their SEO by linking to high traffic genealogy websites and then hoping that they'll link back.

Just like in our genealogy research, we always need to consider the source.

SearchShack said...

The list of resources included some new sources for me that are helpful but only does their search not work but there is no information on the FreePeopleSearch dor org WEB site that indicates who owns it and what it's goal or purpose is.

Joanne Shackford Parkes

JL Beeken said...

They've now moved on to creating a page of the "Top 90 Genealogy Blogs" and are handing out awards by email to be posted on our sites to link back to them.

It's a ploy that's not favored by Google for improving their SEO anyway. All they're creating is a situation of reciprocal linking which Google cancels out as irrelevant.

Trying to find an upside to this: Say, I post their 'award' on my site, people click on it and go to their post and click on another genealogy blogger. Doesn't that at least help the other genealogy blogger to get more traffic?