Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Funny - Ancestor Pressure

One of my favorite daily comic strips in the newspaper is Pickles written by Brian Crane -- it often rings really true for me!  I wish I had a grandson like Nelson who lived next door and visited us all the time.  If there was, I probably wouldn't work so much on genealogy and family history.

A society colleague sent me this comic strip episode recently (I don't know when it was published) and I thought that it was funny:

Earl got his trusty calculator out (I just did too) and calculated 20 generations back and came up with 1,048,576 ancestors in that 20th generation back.

Earl says:  "That's a lot of folks counting on you to make something of yourself, boy.  so ... don't let us down!

Nelson walks away and says to the dog:  "Geez!  Peer pressure is nothing compared to ancestor pressure!"

I think I'll try this out on the grandkids...

Putting this into my own genealogical perspective, I have about 99.99% of those in that 20th generation to find!  This work never ends, does it?

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Laura said...

And then there is my families' version. "We [surname] don't act that way"

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Another great example of 'the work is never done.' Love it! ;-)

The Brigham City Fort said...

Yes sometimes we genealogists feel the ancestor pressure more than the peer pressure.