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Review: Legacy QuickGuide on World War I and World War II Military Records

Legacy Family Tree has commissioned a series of four-page booklets on various aspects of genealogical research.  Each laminated guide contains four pages of valuable information covering a variety of genealogy research topics. Legacy QuickGuides are written by genealogists and family historians who are experts in the subject areas.  These QuickGuides are oriented towards the online researcher - there are several pages of website links on selected subjects for the specific topic covered by the QuickGuide.

You can see the list of available Legacy QuickGuides at  They are available as laminated four-page folders ($7.95 each) or as downloadable PDF files ($2.95 each).

The World War I and World War II Military Records was written by Jennifer Holik. 

The introduction to this QuickGuide says:

"Military research is important because it adds depth to the stories of your ancestors. Within military files you may discover additional family members, understand a story you heard about a family member, and gather more information to write their story. Military research can be difficult due to a fire at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri in 1973 when many Army and Air Force records were lost to fire. The World War I and World War II Military Records Legacy QuickGuide contains useful information designed as an introduction to the wealth of information to be found in military records from these two wars and how to overcome the challenges associated with research. This handy 4-page PDF guide can be used on your computer or mobile device for anytime access."

The subjects included in the World War I and World War II Military Records QuickGuide are:

*  Timeline - World War I
*  Timeline - World War II

*  Getting Started
*  Military Service Records
*  Died in Service Records

*  General Resources
*  Specific Branch Resources
*  Lesser Used Resources

*  World War I General Resources
*  World War II General Resources
*  Further Reading

For the General Resources subjects, the items listed are website titles with links to the websites.  In some cases, there are shortened URLs for websites with long eddresses.

This Legacy QuickGuide is very useful for beginners and seasoned researchers alike.  The information about military service records and the died in service records are very helpful, and the links to online resources will be useful.
I am sure that I will use this QuickGuide to help me find military records of my ancestors and relatives who served in these Wars.

The laminated version of this QuickGuide is very handy for researchers going to repositories or society meetings - it is light and easy to carry in a briefcase or computer case.  I much prefer the PDF version because I can save it to my computer (and laptop, tablet, and smart phone using Dropbox or another cloud service) and have it available in digital format for instantaneous usage by clicking the links provided rather than typing the links into my web browser. 

Order your copy of the 
World War I and World War II Military Records QuickGuide (PDF only) at the Legacy Family Tree Store.

Disclosure:  I was provided a complimentary copy of the PDF version of this Legacy QuickGuide on the condition that I provide a timely review of each QuickGuide provided.  Look for more in the near future!

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