Monday, May 20, 2013

When Will Legacy Family Tree Version 8 be Available?

I've heard for almost a year through the grapevine that Legacy Family Tree Version 8 was coming, and it may be announced very soon - probably early June.

My clue was:  the Southern California Genealogical Society Genealogy Jamboree list of sessions on Friday, 8 June:

There it is, in the 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. list of presentations:

FR005 - Geoff Rasmussen - DEMO: "What's New in Legacy Family Tree 8."  Learn about all the great new features in Legacy's newest release - version 8.

Cool, I love new software versions.  Hopefully, they will give a price break for an upgrade from Version 7.5 to Version 8.

I have no clue just what new features will be included in Version 8.  Can anything be really new in this day and age?  I can think of one item:

*  Synchronize with FamilySearch Family Tree (rather than New FamilySearch)

That's it - I'm not very imaginative.

What NEW features would you like to have on Legacy Family Tree Version 8?

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Bobbie said...

Many of us still have to create written genealogies from our data. I've got a huge one to do. I use Legacy Family Tree because it provides real footnotes that will renumber and can be moved as I edit the text. However what won't change is the numbering system. I want the ability to stop following lines by removing the individuals and have the genealogy renumber itself. Is that too much to ask?

Jasia said...

I'm not much interested in legacy version 8. What I'm interested in is a mobile app from Legacy that runs on Android!

Anonymous said...

Legacy has been very tight lipped about any new features. I personally hope they change the to-do list to a more traditional research calendar format similar to RootsMagic.