Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Marian Pierre-Louis Radio Shows are Great!

Do you like listening to radio shows?  What about genealogy and family history radio shows?

Genea-blogger Marian Pierre-Louis now has two radio shows that are available on the Internet.

1)  Fieldstone Common is up to Episode 73, and focuses on Marian's interviews with authors of genealogy, family history and local history books.  The publicity for this show includes:

"Fieldstone Common is a weekly internet radio show (podcast) for genealogists and history buffs.
Host Marian Pierre-Louis will introduce you to authors and historians who bring history alive! Topics focus on history and genealogy in the Northeast United States.
"Authors, historians, curators, archivists, genealogists and other stewards of history are interviewed about their books or projects."
The archived shows are listed at http://www.fieldstonecommon.com/show-schedule/.

Here is the page for the interview with George G. Morgan and Drew Smith on 2 January 2014 about their book, Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques:

Earlier interviews of note include:

*  Elizabeth Shown Mills on her book, The Forgotten People (21 November 2013)

*  D. Brenton Simons on his book, Witches, Rakes and Rogues (3 October 2013)

*  Helen Ullmann on Colonial New England Research (12 September 2013)

Each episode has a web page, with show notes, and a link to listen to the radio show/podcast is provided.

2)  The Genealogy Professional Podcast is up to episode 7.  Marian interviews notable genealogy professionals about their experiences, businesses, and research specialties.  The archived shows are listed on the home page in the right-hand column.  The publicity for this podcast includes:

"Whether you are transitioning into the world of professional genealogy or already an experienced genealogy professional, this podcast will give you new ideas to make your business even better.

"Each week I will interview experienced genealogy professionals about the challenges they had in starting their business and the strategies they took to overcome those obstacles.  

"Are you ready to learn and grow in your business? Join me and let’s get started."

Here is the page for episode 7, the interview with California professional genealogist, Sheri Fenley:

If these types of radio/podcast shows are of interest to you, I encourage you to listen to them.

In addition to the Internet access, you can subscribe to them through the iTunes app for Apple or through the Android Stitcher app.  

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