Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Obtain the New Genealogy Standards Manual from BCG

This week's Tuesday's tip is to:  Obtain the new Genealogical Standards book from the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG).

I received this notice via email from the National Genealogy Society (NGS):


NGS is pleased to share the following limited time discount offer, which is available until 27 January 2014Genealogy Standards, an essential reference work for solid genealogical work, is an important addition to any genealogist’s bookshelf.

BCG has provided the following information about Genealogy Standards and a pre-publication discount that NGS members are encouraged to take advantage of.

In honor of its fiftieth anniversary, the Board for Certification of Genealogists® (BCG) has issued Genealogy Standards, a revised edition of the manual for best practices in research and assembly of accurate family histories. This new book completely updates and reorganizes the original 2000 edition of The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual.

“Accuracy is fundamental to genealogical research,” writes editor Thomas W. Jones, phdcg, cgl, in the introduction. “Without it, a family’s history would be fiction. This manual presents the standards family historians use to obtain valid results. These standards apply to all genealogical research, whether shared privately or published.”

The 83 specific standards cover the process of researching family history and the finished products of the research in an understandable language with a new glossary of terms. Chapters include:

* Genealogical Proof Standard;
* documenting (standards 1–8);
* researching (standards 9–50), including planning, collecting, and reasoning from evidence;
* writing (standards 51–73), including proofs, assembly, and special products;
* teaching and lecturing (standards 74–81); and
* continuing education (standards 82 and 83).

The appendices in the 100-page book include the genealogist's code, a description of BCG and its work, a list of sources and resources where examples of work that meet standards are regularly published, a glossary, and an evidence-process map distinguishing the three kinds of sources, information, and evidence.

“We are delighted to provide this new edition, which is meant for all genealogical researchers and practitioners as a way to recognize sound genealogy,” said BCG president Elissa Scalise Powell, cg, cgl. “We appreciate the many hands that helped bring this new edition to fruition and look forward to its widespread usage in the field.”

Only 13 more days to SAVE 20% off the cover price! Regularly priced at $14.95, the pre-publication softcover version price is $11.95 for orders placed until 27 January 2014. Orders are fulfilled through http://www.bcgcertification.ornumg/catalog/index.html by Maia’s Bookstore and benefit BCG in its work in the genealogical community.

For more information, please contact the Board for Certification of Genealogists, PO Box 14291, Washington, DC 20044,office@BCGcertification.org.

*Certified Genealogist (CG) and Certified Genealogical Lecturer (CGL) are proprietary service marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists used by the Board to identify its program of genealogical competency evaluation and used under license to the Board’s certificants.


I have ordered mine, have you ordered yours?

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Philip Trauring said...

All of that supplementary info like a description of BCG and its work, and it still fits 83 standards in 100 pages? Seems like maybe they should have added a few examples per standard and come out with a 200 page book, no?