Monday, January 13, 2014

Have You Looked Through Ancestry Anne's Presentations?

I try to keep track of what's presenters are doing online by checking the Learning Center, the YouTube Channel, the Blog, and Ancestry Anne's (Anne Mitchell Gillespie) Ancestry Reference Desk blog.

Anne provides links on her Slides From Presentations page to PDF files showing her presentations.

 She has done this for several years now, and the page above lists her 2013 presentations.  Her latest two presentations are from November 2013.

I clicked on the link to see the "PDF Slides" for the first one on the list and saw the title screen of the Military Records presentation:

  This is in PDF format, so the reader can advance to the next slide by using the "Page Down" key.

My thanks to Anne for doing this - she is helping users advance their knowledge and showing how to search effectively.

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