Thursday, February 27, 2014 Keeps Advancing Technology and Has Video Fireside Chats UPDATED! has made several announcements recently that advance genealogical research and technology, including:

1)  Photo Detection in Historical Documents (posted 27 February 2014).  This is interesting, but there needs to be some standards for what to index in each photo based on the information provided in the surrounding article.  I was intrigued because the second photo is of the U.S. Grant hotel in downtown San Diego around the turn of the 19th to 20th century.

2)  Coming Soon:  Online Transcription from Mocavo (posted 26 February 2014).  This transcription tool will let Mocavo users index names found in handwritten documents.  It looks like it works similar to what Footnote/Fold3 has used.

3)  A Little Something We've Been Working On ... (posted 20 November 2013).  This is about Handwriting Recognition technology, and would be a superb tool to use on handwritten wills, deeds, court records, etc.

4)  The Mean, Lean, Green Mocavo Machine (28 February 2014).  This is an amazing description of how modern server farms are managed and optimized. is also hosting Fireside Chats with notable genealogists.  You can see the archive at

There are FREE to see video chats with the following (not all have a video or audio link):

*  Judy G. Russell (25 February 2014)
*  Cyndi Ingle (29 January 2014)
*  Thomas MacEntee (15 January 2014)
*  Paula Stuart-Warren (14 November 2013)
*  Kelvin Meyers (31 October 2013)

*  Diane Gravel (16 October 2013)
*  Alex Lindsay (2 October 2013)
*  Dr. Michael Lacopo (18 September 2013)
*  Kris Rzepczynski (4 September 2013)
*  Elissa Scalise-Powell (7 August 2013)

*  Maureen Taylor (24 July 2013)
*  Drew Smith (10 July 2013)
*  Polly Kimmitt (26 June 2013)

You can read the Mocavo Genealogy Blog to keep up with the news at Mocavo.

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UPDATED:  2 March 2014 to add item 4) to the list.

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