Friday, August 8, 2014

Did You Miss These Genealogy Education Events This Week?

Each week, there are a number of FREEly provided webinars (video presentations) and podcasts (audio presentations) on genealogical and family history topics.   Are you taking advantage of these events to extend and expand your genealogy knowledge and skills?

Here are some of the offerings from just this past week (which can still be watched or heard online):

1)  Family Tree Webinars ( - free for 7 days:

*  Debunking Misleading Records, by Tom Jones (2 August 2014)

*  Researching Your Tennessee Ancestors, by Mark Lowe (6 August 2014)

*  Research Recharge - Turning Old Clues Into New Leads, by Lisa Alzo (8 August 2014)

2)  The Barefoot Genealogist, with Crista Cowan ( YouTube Channel) - free:

*  FAN Club Research to Build Your Family Tree (5 August 2014)

*  How Historical Events Shaped Our Ancestors Lives (6 August 2014)

*  What's New at Ancestry, August 2014 Edition (5 August 2014)

*  Not All Colonial Americans Were Patriots (7 August 2014)

3)  DearMYRTLE's Hangout on Air (on Google+) - also on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel - free:

*  Mondays With Myrt - August 4, 2014 and Part b (4 August 2014)

*  Wacky Wednesday - MSExcel for Genealogists (6 August 2014)

4)  GeniAus Hangout on Air (on Google+) - also on Jill Ball's YouTube Channel - free:

*  National Family History Month (5 August 2014)

5)  Fieldstone Common Podcasts - with Marian Pierre-Louis - free:

*  FC 95 The British Raid on Essex, with Jerry Roberts (7 August 2014)

6)  Family Tree Magazine Podcasts - with Lisa Louise Cooke - free:

*  July 2014 Podcast - Learn All About 

7)  Extreme Genes Radio Show - with Fisher - free:

*  Ep. 53 - One Family, Two World Wars, and the Teenager Assigned to Work the Manhattan Project

There are other webinar providers and podcast/radio shows.  In addition, you can search on YouTube for videos about genealogy from the archives, and can subscribe to different channels.

There is a constantly updated list of webinars, online chats and Google+ Hangouts available at

Many of the items on this list are presentations by knowledgeable and experienced genealogists well-known to the online genealogy world - they are usually world-class presentations.  You usually can't beat the price - FREE - although some webinars are free only to the live audience, and some require payment to watch.

I try to watch at least two presentations each week, and I usually participate in the weekly Mondays With Myrt as my little contribution to online genealogy education.

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GeniAus said...

There are so many opportunities for education online.

Thanks Randy for mentioning our contribution from downunder.