Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reader Comments on my GEDMatch Autosomal DNA Analysis Post

I posted My First Look at GEDMatch Autosomal DNA Analysis on 4 August 2014, and had several very helpful and interesting reader comments, including:

a)  Elizabeth offered:  "1) Currently GedMatch is still recovering from moving server so many features are not available -- many of us are patiently awaiting their return, such as the segment triangulation.

"2) Rather than build your own spreadsheet, consider using Genomemate ( -- a user-created program/database that can collate data from all the testing companies and Gedmmatch and help with statistical analysis as well ass tracking email contacts with matches. I am a proud user of it.

"3) Yes, upload a Gedcom file. In the past you used to be able to go to a linked Gedcom from the one-to-many report -- hopefully that will return when they fully restore the website.

"Elizabeth (in charge of kits A131521, A393287, A501757, A658108, and F278130)"

b)  Doris Wheeler commented:  "I agree with Elizabeth's suggestions, but there is another especially useful feature: DNA GEDCOM matching. It produces a list of people you match who also have matching people in your GEDCOM and theirs. It's a relatively "short list" that is a great starting point. I used it yesterday but then it disappeared when I returned later, so it's one of the features they're obviously working on."

c)  Jennifer Alford noted:  "Thank you for sharing this Randy! I have been slowly dabbling in DNA analysis and learning to use Gedmatch was my next step. I look forward to all the great comments that will come from those who use it regularly. You should also know that there is a Facebook group for users that is quite helpful. "

d)  My comments:  Thank you all for the very helpful suggestions and experiences.  I hope that more will be offered, either on the earlier post or on this post.

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