Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 2 Wanderings at Jamboree in Photos

Day 2, Saturday, 6 June, at the SCGS Genealogy Jsmboree was a pretty full day.  I will report my activities in a separate post.  In this post are some of the photographs that I took in the Exhibit Hall and Conference Hall Concourse:

1)  The MyHeritage team at Jamboree - Mark, Kiara and Mike:

2)  The Legacy Family Tree team:

3)  Dr. Dave Dowell is here - he gave some DNA presentations:

4)  Paul Hawthorne and Virginia Taylor (CVGS President):

5)  GSNOCC President Ruth Govorchin and speaker Peggy Lauritzen:

6)  Crista Cowan (of Ancestry) and Janet Hovorka (of FamilyChartMasters):

The Global Family Reunion photo op was after the "We Are Family" sing-along, While we waited, Paula Hinkel made us practice holding the "I Am a Jamboree Cousin" signs and the crowd batted beach balls around.  Here are some photos from this gathering:

7)  Some geneabloggers in the enthusiastic crowd:

8)  Paul Hinkel on stage trying to control the enthusiastic crowd while we waited for the song and photo:

9)  "Cousins" and geneabloggers Sheri Fenley and Elizabeth O'Neal:

9)  More geneabloggers in the crowd:

11)  Bernice Bennett, Angela Walton-Raji and Kim Cotton with their signs:

12)  The official Global Family Reunion photo:

14)  The Geneablogger yearly photo (taken after the GFR photo and missing many geneabloggers because of the GFR being 30 minutes late):

There will be more pictures on Sunday!

Copyright (c) 2015, Randall J. Seaver.  People in these photos can copy and use them as they wish!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Randy! It was nice to see you again and thanks for stopping by the NextGen meetup as well!