Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 1 Activities at Jamboree

Friday at Jamboree was a typical Jambo-day for me.  I attended a few classes, wandered the Exhibit Hall, and saw quite a few geneabloggers and Genea-Musings readers.  A fun day.

(photo courtesy of J. Paul Hawthorne)

*  We ate breakfast in the lounge just between the lobby and the elevators - I had my banana and blueberry muffin.  Paul, Sheri and Elyse were there and we took some pictures.  Then I saw Laurie and Beverley and we took some more pictures.

*  Then it was off for the first Genealogy World roundtable discussions at 8:30 a.m.  I chose to sit at Butch Hibben's table, which was about Technology.  Butch reviewed a long list of mobile apps like Evernote and CamScanner to a full table.  There were lots of questions.  I talked to Laurie a bit about some of her research too.

*  I was going to go to the second roundtable session but it was pretty full and I hung out in the conference center for awhile.  I went to hear Drew Smith at 11 a.m. on Crowdsourcing, but it was mainly about RootsWeb message boards and mailing lists, so I left and had lunch in the breezeway between buildings - a hot dog, chocolate chip cookie and an apple.  Got to take to Janet, a beginning genealogist from Baltimore, about her research and education opportunities.

*  The Exhibit Hall opened at 12 noon, and I made a quick tour of all of the aisles.  There were several exhibit spots that were open - perhaps they will be filled on Saturday.  I took some pictures, and ended up staying for the 1 p.m. class sessions, mooching candy and water from the MyHeritage team.  I heard some interesting things, but can't recall them now 8 hours later.  Went up to the room because I had a headache, but Linda and her friend were there, so went back downstairs without a nap.

*  Went at 2:30 p.m. to Michael Lacopo's class on Finding Your German Ancestors.  It was very good, but I was really tired and sleepy. There was no handout in the app or CDROM, but apparently is in the printed syllabus.  I was counting on that!  At 3:30 I went back to the Exhibit Hall and took more pictures, then talked to Denise at her book tabled and that cleared my headache somehow.  Talked to the NEHGS team and Michael Provard of FamilySearch about search, the tree and the tree add-ons.

*  Went up to the room at 5:15 p.m. and wrote the Exhibit Hall picture post.  Linda came back and we went down for dinner at The Daily Grill, since we don't have a car or want to walk.  We ate alone.  I had the big Chicken Pot Pie and Linda had a chicken and cheese dish.  We had ice cream with strawberries for dessert.

*  We went back to the room at 8 p.m., and I updated the Blog Compendium post.  Then I came downstairs to write this post on the Blogger Lounge table.  It sounds like many folks are back from dinner and the banquet, so I'll go see who is there.

I'll check in again on Saturday night.

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