Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Sign Up for the FREE LostCousins Newsletter for UK-Related Information

This week's Tuesday's Tip is to sign up for the FREE LostCousins Newsletter for up-to-date information about UK-related genealogy. 

I receive about ten genealogy newsletters in my email on a regular basis, and they all have something to offer.  Why do I subscribe?  The main reason is that they provide specialized information and context that I don't get on the other genealogy websites.

One example is the LostCousins newsletter that arrives every week via email.  You can sign up for this FREE weekly newsletter on their website, http://www.lostcousins.com/.  Here is the top of the email:

Further down the email is a link to the specific newsletter - in this case, the one for 1 June 2015:

It is all on one page.  The links take you to specific articles on the page.  For instance, here is the first article:

From this article, I learned that the cost for BMD certificates in England and Wales for "historical persons" obtained from the GRO may be reduced as a result of this Member of the House of Lords submitting legislation and getting government support for it.

The second article discussed "Is it legal to copy certificates?" calling to mind that some persons posted Princess Charlotte's birth certificate recently.

The third articles discussed "The surge in baptisms in 1837" and revealed that it occurred because the cost of filing a baptism was going to significantly increase once civil registration started.  My Rich family in Hilperton, Wiltshire did this - all of the children were in the baptism register prior to June 1837.

This was a very useful newsletter.  If you have English ancestry, then I recommend that you subscribe to the LostCousins newsletter.  It's FREE - you can't beat that!  Think of it as a weekly genealogy magazine.

I save the newsletters in my Genealogy Newsletter file folder in Gmail so I can access them with my desktop, my laptop or my mobile devices any time I want.

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