Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Downloading the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Handout Materials

We leave on Thursday morning for the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank, and I hope to see many of my readers there.  I have downloaded and synced the SCGS 2015 mobile app for my iPhone and my Samsung tablet, and have picked my probably classes using the app.

Now I need to download the syllabus materials for the classes I want to attend.  I will receive a CDROM with all of the syllabus materials which I can save to my laptop and desktop computers, but I want to be able to read the handouts while I'm in the classes.  That assumes, of course, that there is a significant wireless signal in the classrooms.  We will see!

Here is how I downloaded several of the handout items for classes of interest.  On the Classes button on the mobile app, I went to Friday and saw the list of classes:

The classes that have a handout have the PDF icon on the second line, seen on the screen above.  I picked one of the classes - FR003.  I tapped on the title, and the information for the class appeared:

I scrolled down a bit, and I could see the "Handouts (1)" button:

I tapped on the "\Handouts (1) button and a menu appeared, asking me what I wanted to do with the handout:

I could "Take notes on Handout," "Download Handout" or "Email Handout."

I tapped on "Download Handout" and saw another menu:

The options offered are "Take notes on Handout," "Open Handout In-App," "Open Handout in ..." or "Email Handout."  I tapped on  to "Open Handout In-App" and saw:

With the handout open on the app, I can zoom in and read the handout during the presentation.  I usually turn my iPhone to landscape mode to enlarge the type and scroll down.  

If I tap on the "Open Handout In ..." I have the choice of opening it in iBooks, in Adobe Reader, in Dropbox or in Evernote, all on my iPhone.

If I tap on "Open in Email" then I can send the handout to myself or someone else in a PDF format.  The email sends a link to the handout, so it has to be opened and then read.

This works really well.  I hope that the wireless systems at the conference center work well enough to be able to read the handouts while in the classrooms.  

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