Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WikiTree Reaches 10 Million Profiles

This press release was received today via email from our friends at WikiTree:



Contact: Eowyn Langholf,

3 June 2015: This week the WikiTree community reached a major milestone: 10 million profiles on our shared family tree.

Since its founding in 2008, WikiTree has grown steadily but carefully. Although the community’s mission is to connect the entire human family on one tree -- ultimately including billions of people -- WikiTree prioritizes collaboration and accuracy.

Over 200,000 genealogists have added profiles to WikiTree. Many of them share ancestors. Rather than create duplicate ancestor profiles, they work together on the same profiles. When duplicates are created accidentally, they’re merged.

WikiTree’s most recent enhancements for accuracy center on the integration of DNA testing. More than 15,000 members have taken DNA tests for genealogy and are using WikiTree’s DNA features to confirm or reject genealogical connections. The ultimate goal is to use DNA to confirm each connection on our shared family tree.

Members are already marking certain family tree connections at “Confirmed with DNA” and DNA-confirmed indicators have started appearing in family trees and in WikiTree’s Relationship Finder, the tool that shows the connection between any two people.

About WikiTree
WikiTree: The Free Family Tree has been growing since 2008. Community members privately collaborate with close family members on modern family history and publicly collaborate with other genealogists on deep ancestry. Since all the private and public profiles are connected on the same system this process is helping to grow a single, worldwide family tree that will eventually connect us all and thereby make it free and easy for anyone to discover their roots. See


I was one of the early adopters of WikiTree, and have over 5,000 ancestral family profiles on WikiTree.

WikiTree is, I think, the best collaborative online family tree on the Internet because of the careful way their system matches new profiles to current profiles, thereby avoiding many duplicate profiles for historical persons.

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Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

I totally agree, Randy. I proud to be a WikiTress user, and supporter... I love their concept and their execution. ;-)

mordra said...

I can't go a day without being on Wikitree!