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Finding an NYG&B Record Article on Findmypast by Volume, Issue and Page Number

I posted Records from New York’s Largest Genealogical Organization Now Available to Search at Findmypast on Monday, 21 September, and noted that "This is a significant addition for Findmypast that makes these important New York records available to non-NYGBS members. "

One of the databases of interest to me is the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record periodical collection.  The NYG&B Record is a quarterly and has been published since 1867.  The URL for this collection on Findmypast is:  Note that you do have to be a Findmypast subscriber to access these records (NYG&B members can now access Findmypast as part of their NYG&B subscription).

I wrote Searching the NYG&B Record Collection on Findmypast on 25 September 2015 and used the name search process to find an article about the Crocheron family in Volume 111, Issue 1 on pages 31-39.

In this post, I want to demonstrate how to find an article using the "Record Image Browse" feature.  

1)  Here is the search page for the browse (  

I wanted to look for Volume 111, Number 1, pages 31-39.  On the screen above, I entered the Volume number in the form (and a link for 111 popped up and I chose it) and then I entered the Issue number (and a link for 1 popped up and I chose it).  As you can see, the volume and issue numbers shown have an X beside them.  [Note:  I tried this without selecting the numbers in the popups and it didn't work - it gave me a list of every volume and issue.]

2)  I clicked on the blue button for "Search for The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Image Browse" and saw: 

3)  In order to see this issue, the user has to click on the blue camera icon on the right of the line with the Volume, Issue and Year information.  The issue opens to the first image for the issue - the Cover with the list of contents:

Note that this is image 1 of 70 (the image numbers are at the bottom of the image above), but it is not page 1.

4)  I want page 31 from this issue.  I entered the number 31 in the image number field at the bottom of the image above, and page 27 appeared.  So I need to add 4 to 31 to get the image number for page 31:

And there it is on Image 35 of 70.  From there, I can download, save, rename and file the document images for the article.

5)  I have had trouble getting the browsing system to find the volume and issue numbers consistently - sometimes the popups don't appear.  When it doesn't work, you can click on the blue link , see the list of all volumes (not in numerical order!) and choose a volume and then an issue. That works, but it's more work.

This works, but it is not "fast."  However, it is faster than going to a repository and browsing the shelves for the volumes and issues, however!  Thank you, NYG&BS and Findmypast!

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