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What To Do If the MyHeritage View of a Newspaper Article Doesn't Materialize

I pointed out in Found: 1906 Death of Charles Woodward in Topeka, Kansas  (posted 30 September 2015) that sometimes the MyHeritage screen does not show the article that it has indexed from NewspaperARCHIVE.  Sometimes it shows up, and sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it says "No Preview Available" as shown in the blog post.

I received a comment on the post from The Down East Genealogist, who wrote:

"I'm interested to see that you actually have an image on the page you see when you click on "Review Match.' I never see an image there for NewspaperArchive matches; if I go to Full Screen, it's blank like yours but without the "No Preview" label. It's pretty annoying because I have to download each page in order to see the actual image. The download button does at least work, however. Does the download not function when you get the 'No Preview' message?"'

What?  The "Download" button works even if you don't see the image?  YES!!!  I've done it several times today. Here is what I experienced:

1)  Here is part of the Newspaper Archives Record Matches on MyHeritage:

2)  I wanted to look at the match for Lou Myrtle Munger in the Belleville Telescope for April 28 1960.  I clicked on the orange "Review Match" button:

The OCR from the image is there, but the newspaper page image does not appear.  I waited awhile and it never appeared (sometimes it does).

There is no Download button or link on the page above.

3)  I clicked on the orange "Full screen" button, and saw:

The image still didn't appear (sometimes it will!).

The "Download" icon is just to the left of the orange "Exit full screen" so I clicked that, not expecting it to work.

4)  But it did work: 

The newspaper page image opened as a PDF file, and I could save it as a PDF file, rename it, read it, snip it, source it, and transcribe it.

5)  My thanks to The Down East Genealogist for the tip.  It works and now I'm glad that I canceled my NewspaperARCHIVE 14-day free trial over the weekend to avoid paying the six-month subscription renewal fee (which worked just fine).  

I shared this tip with my CVGS colleagues in our Research Group today, and they were very pleased (a) to hear that NewspaperARCHIVE matches were in the MyHeritage search results (thereby saving $100 per year on a subscription for NewspaperARCHIVE), and (b) that you can download the page even when it looks like it hasn't loaded.  Oh, I also demonstrated how to snip a portion of the screen using the Windows Snipping Tool, and how to rename the image and save it to your computer file folder system.  I also demonstrated how to take a Print Screen image and save it.  In this group of 20 persons, about 80% of them did not know how to do any of those tasks.    

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Magda said...

Perfect timing ! I have the FULL subscription at MyHeritage but when I clicked on the DOWNLOAD ICON in the FULL SCREEN view, this was the message I got for some of them. "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

Is it MyHeritage's fault or their Associate Newspaper providers, like ?

Who do I contact ?