Wednesday, March 2, 2016 Adds 10 Million Ireland Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915

The Blog has two articles about the addition of the Ireland Catholic Church Parish Registers to their collections - see Largest Collection of Irish Catholic Parish Records Launched Online and Introducing the Irish Catholic Parish Registers collection.

The description of this collection is:

"Indexed from digital images created by the National Library of Ireland (NLI), the Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers 1655-1915 collection includes baptism, marriage, burial and confirmation records from more than 1,000 parishes, and over 3,500 registers, in Ireland. This is the first time that the collection has been indexed with the original images linked online."

I decided to look for a famous Irish person - Annie Moore.  Here is the search screen:

There are two matches for my search:

I think the first match on my list is the 1892 immigrant to New York.  However, I cannot see the record image because I don't have a World subscription at Ancestry.

I was impressed by the comment of Mike Mulligan in one of the Ancestry blog posts:

"...As you can see this one record provides evidence for many aspects of my great great grandparent’s lives; their names, my great great grandmother’s maiden name and also evidence of my great great grandparents’ move to Dublin. And that is just one record. All eight of my great grandparents are in this collection along with their siblings. All sixteen of my great great grandparents are in there. Whole generations of my family history are contained in this collection. When I was younger to find these records I spent days hunched over a microfilm reader, or ringing up parish priests and asking if I could search through their local registers. Now all that information is indexed and available at my fingertips. And with a click I can save it all to my tree. Yes this is a very exciting collection."

I hope that my genea-mates with Irish ancestry are able to find their ancestral families in these records.

While I don't have ANY known Irish ancestors in this time period, I recall that my wife has several.  If I find them, I will blog about them.

Note also that Findmypast has the same indexed collection, which will always be free (they said) and that most of these records with original images can be found at


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Unknown said...

What Ancestry and FindMyPast have done is index the records. The images of the actual records are available, free, and have been for a while (unindexed), at the National Library of Ireland's site, The site you link to actually has very few records, for only a few locations. Useful if that's where your folks are from, but obviously not for the rest of Irish researchers. So, you can use the Ancestry/FMP index search to find a location, then go to the NLI site to drill down to the location and browse the records. Good luck! Claire Keenan

Unknown said...

To clarify: the Ancestry and FMP indexes, and the NLI images, are for Roman Catholic church records, mostly from c. 1820 to c. 1880. has church records only for Carlow Church of Ireland, Cork & Ross Roman Catholic, Dublin Church of Ireland, Dublin Presbyterian, Dublin Roman Catholic, Kerry Church of Ireland, and Kerry Roman Catholic parishes. BUT also has indexes for civil BMD records free, for historic records: births more than 100 years, marriages more than 75 years, and deaths more than 50 years old. There can be some overlap between the church and civil records, but the record sets are not duplicative. Claire Keenan

Unknown said...

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