Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bright Shiny Object Search Report - My Grandmother's Flower Arrangements

I spent an enjoyable hour today searching for information about my family members in the MyHeritage collection of "Compilation of Published Sources," using the Record Matches to guide me to them.

I quickly found four articles that mention my grandmother, Emily (Auble) Carringer, noting her flower arrangement awards during the 1960s here in San Diego.

The most interesting one is from the California Garden, San Diego Floral Association, Vol. 55, No.6, (December-January 1964-1965), page 16 of 32.  The article is titled "The Saga of a Traveling Agave."

Here is the MyHeritage search result (two images):

I right-clicked the page image and saved it to my file folder for my grandmother.  Here is the image of the work:

The arrangement of this work is described as:

"The warm brown and gold seed pods of the Century plant seem a fitting companion for a century old
French brazier of inlaid wood, lined with brass. Gold balls dot the pods and wired gold leaves add a
note of holiday elegance to the warm wood tones and fine craftsmanship of a past era. Arranged 
against a turquoise background in a contemporary home, with open beams and wood paneling, this 
modern counterpart of the traditional fir is aesthetically satisfying."

My grandmother took up flower and tree arranging in the 1950s and 1960s, and won several awards 
at flower shows, the County Fair, and other events. She was widely recognized in the San Diego 
garden community for her work. I know that she was quietly very proud of her creative works. Her 
home in Point Loma was beautifully decorated, especially with Oriental pieces. I wish that I had 
been smart enough to take photographs of the home in the 1970 time frame.

I never imagined that I would find these articles online in a genealogical search! Thank you, 
MyHeritage for the find. A Google check for my grandmother and her agave arrangement indicated 
that there are two articles found for this magazine on the Internet Archive.


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