Tuesday, March 1, 2016

They Listened ... Ancestry Offers Different Colors for Ancestry Member Trees

Will wonders never cease?  Ancestry.com heard the complaints about the boring white on gray backgrounds from thousands of Ancestry subscribers and ... is offering four different backgrounds.  See the Ancestry.com Blog post about it at Ancestry Product Update: Tree Color Preferences.

I immediately changed my colors in the Ancestry Member Trees.  Here is my Pedigree view:

My Family view:

The Person Profile:

That is so much better, in my humble opinion!  You can change the colors in the Site Preferences, and they will apply to all of your trees.

I picked the Jade greenish color.  Others are Pebble (the grayish), Wave (bluish), Plum (purplish) or Sand (whitish).  

Which color scheme did you pick?  


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LStifel said...

Thanks, Randy for this information. Like you, I chose jade. As an FYI, when I called ancestry.com just now, customer service had no idea this feature exists...

Becky Thompson said...

I chose plum and I LIKE it!

Elizabeth Handler said...

Although I like these colors, I feel that sand is really the best choice for a computer screen. I hope that Ancestry lets us know in a future post which color scheme is the favorite - I'll bet it's sand.