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Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1890 Death Record for Sarah (Auble) Schoonover

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Treasure Chest Thursday, but I can't help it - I want to share some of the records that I )and others) have found in my repository and online searches for my ancestral families.

This week's Treasure is the 1890 death record for Sarah (Auble) Schoonover in Newton, New Jersey:

The extracted information for this record is:

1.  Full name of deceased:  Sarah Schoonover
2.  Age:  69 years
3.  Color:  White    Occupation:  None
4.  Single, Married, Widow or widower
5.  Birthplace:  Stillwater N.J.
6.  Last Place of Residence:  Newton, N.J.
7.  How Long Resident in this State:  Always
8.  Place of Death:  Newton N.J.
9.  Father's Name:  John Auble   Country of birth:  U.S.
10.  Mother's Name:  Anna Auble   Country of Birth:  U.S.
11.  I hereby certify that I attended the deceased during the
last illness and that she died on the 27th
day of Feb 1890; and that the cause of death 
was General Debility
following La Grippe
Length of sickness:  5 weeks
??? L???? Lewis M.D.
Residence:  Newton
Name of Undertaker:  W M ???????
Residence of Undertaker:  Newton
Place of Burial:  Newton N.J.

The source citation for this record is:

State of New Jersey, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Death Certificates and Indexes, 1878-1955, Certificate and Record of Death, Certificate #S-58, Place #88 (Sussex County), Sarah Schoonover, 27 Feb 1890;  New Jersey State Archives, Trenton.

Previously, I had found the death date of Sarah (Auble) Schoonover in a Find A Grave memorial, and an index entry in the New Jersey Deaths and Burials collection on FamilySearch.

New Jersey resident and expert researcher Michelle Tucker Chubenko read my blog post, Making Progress on My Auble Cousins - Post 9: Was Sarah Auble Elizabeth's Sister? (posted 24 May 2016), and realized that the death record above would be in the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton.  Last week, she visited the Archives for her own research, and decided to look for some of my Auble folks.  She found this record, and  sent the image to me, along with the source citation noted above.  THANK YOU, Michelle!!!

The death record says that Sarah Schoonover was age 69 at death, which translates to a birth year of about 1820.  However, several census records indicate that she was born in the 1812 to 1815 time frame, and are probably more correct.

In my blog post about Sarah (Auble) Schoonover, I concluded that Sarah was the daughter of my 3rd great-grandparents, John and Anna (Row) Auble.  This death record confirms that (although it didn't state Anna's maiden name).  This is direct evidence that answers the question "Who were the parents of Sarah (Auble) Schoonover?"  Because the information was provided by an unknown person (probably one of her children), well after the birth of Sarah, the Information is Secondary.  Because the record is an official state document, it can be considered as an Original Source.

So my conclusion about Sarah's parents, drawn earlier before I had this record, was correct, and now I have confirmation of the conclusion in an official state record.  This may be the only source for the parents of Sarah (Auble) Schoonover.


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