Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Reading the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Syllabus on my Mobile Devices

The Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) 2016 Genealogy Jamboree Conference starts on Thursday, 2 June.  I wanted to try to find the syllabus materials for the classes that I want to attend.

1)  I checked the Genealogy Jamboree website, and clicked on the "Schedule" tab, but could not figure out how to find the syllabus materials if they exist on the website.  Apparently, I have two logins - one for my membership in SCGS and one for the mobile app.  

2)  I checked the SCGS 2016 mobile app on my Samsung tablet and my iPhone, and managed to sync the information on the two devices.  

Here is the process I used to see some of the syllabus material:

*  Here is the mobile app opening screen on the iPhone:

*  I tapped the second one on the list for Friday - my own session - and saw the summary information:

*  Scrolling down, I could see the bottom of the screen, and saw under the "Resources" section the link for "Handouts:"

*  I tapped the "Handouts" link and had a choice of actions:

The choices available are "Take Notes on Handout," "Download Handout," and "Email Handout."

*  I tapped on "Download Handout" and was back to the screen with the Handout link.  I tapped it again and now saw:

I could "Take Notes on Handout," "Open Handout In-App," "Open Handout in..." or "Email Handout."

*  I chose to "Open Handout In-App" and could read the handout:

All I had to do was scroll up and down, and a bit of right or left, to see the text.

*  I was intrigued by the "Open Handout in ..." option, so I tried that and saw:

I could share the handout via AirDrop, or I could "Add to Notes," "Copy to Books," "Copy to Adobe Acrobat," "Copy to Evernote, and "Copy to Dropbox."

*  I chose to "Copy to Dropbox" and selected my "Downloads" file folder on Dropbox.  The file was saved as a PDF in my Dropbox "Downloads" file folder.  The only problem is that the file name is not specific - I will have to edit the file name in Dropbox to reflect the session, speaker and title.

This was a bit unwieldy - I had to close my Dropbox app after each download and open the SCGS 2016 app again on my iPhone, but it's manageable.

*  The process is similar on the Android app, but not exact.  I couldn't save the file to Dropbox, but I could read it on the tablet much easier than on the iPhone.

I can study these downloaded files on the train trip to Burbank on Thursday morning.

3)  I will receive a CDROM with all of the syllabus material on Thursday evening when I register for the conference, which I will copy onto my laptop computer so that I have it available in the hotel room or on the desktop computer after I get home.

So now I'm almost ready to go!  I wonder what I've forgotten?


Copyright (c) 2016, Randall J. Seaver

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Jacqi Stevens said...

Randy, by now you likely have already checked in and gotten your own copy of that syllabus on external drive, which is another resource. Looking forward to seeing you again!