Friday, June 3, 2016

Morning 1 at SCGS 2016 Jamboree

This was an eventful morning for me at the SCGS 2016 Genealogy Jamboree - I gave my Social Media presentation to about 100 attendees.

Linda and I had breakfast at the small breakfast bar just past the hotel lobby.  She went over to the volunteer station and signed up and worked until after 10 a.m.

I read email and blogs at the blogger table in the west end of the lobby, and had a good chat with Jill Morelli and several others.  Several other folks came by, so I managed to get my first "people" shot from Jamboree:

From the left:  Kerry Lauritzen; Jill Morelli; Annette Lyttle: Mary Roddy: Dennis VanDerWueff; Peggy Lauritzen.

When they left for breakfast, I went to the talk on Becoming a Professional Genealogist by Jean Hibben and Jamie McManus.  Great handout!

Then it was time for my talk on "Why and How to Use Social Media to Benefit Your Society and Research" at 10:30 a.m.  Dennis Maness took my picture in front of my title slide:

That's an index finger... I didn't choose the title - SCGS suggested it and I tailored the talk to add society benefits.

I like to take a photograph of the audience before my presentations, so here is the left side of the audience from the podium...

And here is the light side from the podium:

This was before the talk, and a number of people came in after I took the photo during the first ten minutes of the talk.  Can you spot any geneabloggers or friends of yours there?  I think there were 100 to 120 folks there - there are 160 seats in this room.

After my talk, Linda and I had lunch in the breezeway by the swimming pool.  We found comfy chairs in the shade - it was 90F outside - and talked to Paul Hawthorne and Jan Brandt.

More on the afternoon of Day 1 later.


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