Monday, September 12, 2016

Post Number 10,000 on Genea-Musings

My motto:  "Life is short - eat ice cream and do genealogy first!"

A funny thing happened ten years and five months ago on my way to the ice cream store - I said to myself:  "Randy, maybe you could blog about something once a week or so ... about genealogy, politics, sports, religion, you, know, your life."  My wife said "Honey, that would probably be pretty boring - who in the world would read what you write?"

So the experiment began, and 10,000 posts later here I am - happily stuck in a "routine" of writing two or three or more blog posts each day about genealogy resources and results on Genea-Musings, a daily journal blog post on The Geneaholic almost every day, and occasional posts on the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe.  Then there's Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, including my almost weekly participation on video (available on YouTube) in Mondays With Myrt!  My wife wonders what I do in the Genealogy Cave every day for eight or ten hours!  Heh heh.

Oh, I forgot, there's my society meetings, society presentations, the senior adult and CVGS education classes, and I even find time to spend on online research (and very occasional repository research), entering data and sources into my genealogy database, entertaining the grandchildren and my wife, and watching Padres baseball games on TV or at Petco Park.  There is Life with Genealogy!  But, for me, there is no Life without Genealogy!  It's part of me, who I am, and has been for 28+ years.

In celebration of my 10,000th post (that's over 2.6 posts per day on average, and over 960 posts per year on average), I'm going to take the rest of the day off from ... blogging, not genealogy.  Or maybe not if there is something interesting to blog about. Tomorrow is another day.  

The statistics for ten years of blogging, from StatCounter and Blogger (it looks like SiteMeter has died):

*  2,294,517 unique visitors (StatCounter since 2006)

*  3,190,796 page views (StatCounter since 2006)

*  6,284,780 page views (Blogger, since 2010)

*  17,201 comments (average of 1.7 per post, Blogger since 2007).

*  Blogger says I'm getting about 109,000 page views per month, or about 3,500 a day.

I don't know why StatCounter and Blogger have different page view numbers - it's probably something to do with feed readers like Feedly.

Then there are the static Pages (see the links below the Genea-Musings header) that continue to pile up visitors.  These count on the visitor and page totals, I think.

The statistics for my daily memes tell part of the story:

*  Amanuensis Monday - 343 posts
*  Tombstone Tuesday - 53 posts
*  Tuesday's Tip - 173 posts
*  Wordless Wednesday - 330 posts
*  Treasure Chest Thursday - 353 posts
*  52 Ancestors Friday - 143 posts
*  Surname Saturday - 362 posts
*  Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - 388 posts
*  Best of the Genea-Blogs - 472 posts

Thank you to my friends, geneablogging colleagues, and Genea-Musings readers for their patience, understanding, collaboration and support over the years - it's been a lot of fun, and I hope it continues for years to come.

I do appreciate your comments and emails, and will be happy to answer "Dear Randy" questions about genealogy, research, online resources, software, family trees, etc. on the blog.


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Wendy Callahan said...

Congrats, Randy! Also, mmm, DQ vanilla ice cream with chocolate shell?

Seeds to Tree said...

Congratulations Randy! Hope you will be writing many more posts and eating many more ice cream cones in the years to come. Both are extremely enjoyable!

Linda Stufflebean said...

Wow! Congratulations, Randy. I love your blog, but can't imagine reaching the 10,000 post mark. That is a super accomplishment. I think you've earned the right to have two servings of ice cream today. :)

mbm1311 said...

I learn something every week from your posts and level headed commentary. Also thank you for doing"Best of" on Sunday. I really look forward to reading your picks. Mary Beth

Dana Leeds said...

Congratulations! 10,000? And all of the other statistics are incredible. Keep on blogging!

Cynthia T said...

Great goin' Randy! You are a true blessing to the world of genealogy and don't ever stop blogging ♡

Dianne A said...

Congratulations on a real milestone!

GeniAus said...

What a stayer! You are a geneablogging inspiration Raandy.

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Congratulations, Randy! Enjoy every bit of that ice cream... you have earned it!! ;-)

Barbara said...

Congratulations Randy! I read a lot of genealogy blogs, and yours is my favorite. ( And I am not just saying that, because you have reached this milestone ! LOL !)

J. Paul Hawthorne said...

Congratulations, Randy!!! You truly are a GeneaMuse!

Marian said...

Congrats Randy! That's quite an accomplishment!


Daniel Horowitz said...

Hi Randi,

For sure a congratulations is very much in place. Such milestone is not easy to achieve, and the benefit and legacy you are leaving to your descendants and the genealogy world is for sure invaluable.
I wish you health and strength to continue this blog for, at least, another 10,000 more posts.

Unknown said...

Randy, Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

Ellen T-J said...

Congrats Randy. I have always read and admired your blog.

Bill West said...

Congratulations Randy! 10,000 posts? I'm only 8,000 behind! :)

Team Spice said...

What would we do without you? Scary thought. Thank you for all you do for so many. I have benefited from your generosity. Thank you, Cousin.

Martin said...

Congratulations! I linked your post in my "Friday finds" at

Emily Garber said...

Well! Quite an accomplishment! Congratulations!